TONIGHT OnTV: Get ‘Looking’ With Former ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘Glee’ Stars

on Sunday, January 19, 2014 @ 3:09 PM


As previously reported, HBO is providing its viewers with a new series detailing relationship woes, roommate drama, reaching a certain age and much more, when it premieres “Looking” tonight at 10:30 PM ET/9:30 PM CT. The series seeks to provide viewers with a different perspective on daily life for gay men in San Francisco.

Starring former soap actors  (ex-Henry, “;” Jesse St. James, “”) and  (ex-Cyrus Foley, “”), along with actor  (“”), the series follows 29-year-old Patrick (Groff), a video game designer getting back into the dating world in the wake of his ex’s engagement, 39-year-old Dom (Bartlett), a longtime waiter who has yet to reach his romantic and professional dreams, and 31-year-old Agustín (Alvarez), an aspiring artist questioning the idea of monogamy amid a move to domesticate with his boyfriend.

To learn more about the show and its characters, watch the spots below:

Episode 1 Clip

About Looking

Character Spot

Created by  and executive produced by  (“Bored to Death”) and , “Looking’s” cast is rounded out by a host of dynamic gay male characters including Kevin (), Lynn (), and Richie (), as well as a wide-range of supporting characters like Dom’s roommate Doris (), Agustín’s boyfriend Frank (), and Patrick’s co-worker Owen ().