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TODAY: Chandler Massey Says Goodbye to Salem

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On today’s episode of NBC’s “,” says goodbye to his multi-Daytime Emmy Award winning role of Will Horton. As previously reported, Massey planned to depart the daytime drama series when his contract was set to expire in December 2013, but show producers opted instead to replace the actor upon his completion of his filming of scenes in August of last year, citing the exit as being storyline dictated. Daytime newcomer took over the role when he began filming scenes in September. He begins airing on Wednesday, January 8.

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When it was first announced in 2010 that “DAYS” opted to change direction with the character of Will, thereby firing from the role and subsequently hiring Massey, viewers were left wondering what direction that would be. It wasn’t until 2011, when it was revealed that the soap was looking to begin its own tale of a character’s evolution from hiding his sexuality in the closet to having a fully functioning relationship with a same sex partner. The only question was, would the soap go there with Will? While the storyline took several months to come out (pun intended), the soap indeed went there as Will began exploring his sexuality beginning with his first lip-lock with a guy. The recipient of which wasn’t Will’s current better half, Sonny Kiriakis (). That honor actually went to a recurring character by the name of Neil (Jesse Kristofferson) in an episode that aired in February 2012. Months soon went by with Will still in denial and pushing his growing feelings for Sonny to the side before the two finally gave into their passion and made love for the first time. Of course, in between all of this, Will had sex with his former girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez (), and would later learn that he fathered a child as a result. The trio are now parenting Arianna Grace Horton.

In Massey’s final episode, NBC teases that “Will is rattled when he goes to the river and runs into someone unexpected.” Who is that someone? You’ll just have to tune in to find out, but remember that the storyline won’t pick up until Wednesday, January 8, when Wilson takes over the role.

Meanwhile, we at Soap Opera Network wish Massey nothing the best of luck in all of his future endeavors and welcome Wilson as he begins the next chapter in Will Horton’s journey.

  • Cajy

    Hopefully the change in actor will also bring about a change in writing for the character. I hated that Will turned into a cheerleader for his mother’s torturer and rapist EJ.
    Best of luck to Chandler.

  • DAYS fan since 2000

    Really sad that Chandler Massey left the show after having portrayed the real (out and proud) Will for only about a year, together with our beloved Sonny (Freddie Smith). The two are the primary reason why I continue watching DAYS and are by far the best supercouple on the show, and obviously that’s true for hundred of thousands WilSon fans! You only have to do a simple search on YouTube to see which couple has created the most buzz by far, over the last two years!! If DAYS producers had handled things with a bit more respect and sensitivity, Chandler might well have continued on the show. I doubt they would have treated any actor of the other major couples in such a disrespectful way, but equality is still mostly rhetoric when it comes to a gay supercouple, isn’t it?!

    That said, the new guy isn’t responsible for anything that happened, neither is Freddie Smith who I love just as much as Chandler Massey. So, let’s give Guy Wilson a chance and hope that WilSon finally gets some more front and center storylines, because clearly, whenever that was the case in 2013, they gave DAYS a huge boost in the ratings. That’s why it’s totally NOT understandable they treated Chandler and with him, all WilSon fans, the teribble way they did!!

  • Alex

    I love WilSon – they are the best couple on the show! Shame on DAYS for treating Chandler Massey and millions of WilSon fans all around the world with such an incredible disrespect!! I

  • luciano

    i’m missing chandler already. he and freddie have such an amazing chemistry!

  • sfthmradio

    NOPE, not happy at ALL! It is NOT the same without Chandler. Not sure if I can watch. Will was my FAVORITE character on DOOL. I hate changes like this. I’m already not liking the switch 🙁