SCORECARD: How Would You Rate ‘Y&R’s’ Dramatic Billy/Adam Showdown?!


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Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Today marks the first day of the all-important February Sweeps period, and “” went all out with not only dramatic scenes between besties Chloe () and Chelsea (), but also a gripping face-off between Billy () and Adam () that led to both actors’ final appearance on the show!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Ever since it was first suspected that Adam may have been the one who killed Billy and Chloe’s daughter, Delia, via a hit and run accident, the tension and fan obsession with the story began snowballing. But when it was revealed that both Muhney and Miller were both leaving the soap (the former allegedly being let go due to sexual misconduct and the latter choosing to leave to pursue other projects), the excitement over the story hit an all-time explosive point. And it all culminated into weeks of gripping story leading up to today’s intense finale — the last time viewers will see either actor in Genoa City (at least for now).

More details will be revealed once David Tom assumes the role of Billy beginning Monday, February 3, but until then, what did you think of Miller and Muhney’s Billy/Adam showdown scenes? Was it a satisfying way to watch two powerhouse performers exit the canvas? Or would you have preferred the actors to have left Genoa City in a much different way? Let us know your thoughts below!

  • S

    Never will I watch Y & R again

    • Bexx

      Yet you can’t even stay off a thread about Y&R. Goodbye?

      • wickedsavvy

        Ugh here you go again

      • Fred

        Bexx the Internet bully.

        • Anne Alvarez

          More than likely she is a TROLL for CBS/SONY or JILL FARREN PHELPS!

          • Bexx

            I actually despise JFP, so you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Linda Cross Manuel

        Geez Bexx – you’re here too??? This thread asked what we thought of MM & BM and their final day on Y&R. I think they gave a superb performance. I’m leaving Y&R along with them, after being a fan since day one. Will follow MM & BM wherever their careers take them. Stopped DVRing Y&R today; started DVRing General Hospital. RIP Y&R

        • Anne Alvarez

          I’m with you Linda and so are thousands of others…

        • d.j

          every body on that show has done bad things some bader than others why is adam the only one there pointing fingers at if jeuses came to genoa city and said he who is whithout send let him cast the first stone no could pick up a stone reply to this

          • dude

            the only half way good person on the show would be coner

    • d.j

      dont give up hope lets see if adam still comes back

  • Michelle


  • Enrique Plata

    Two good actors gone and there last scenes together were amazing. Know we get to see victor on screen with same old story. Sad. These two will be missed.

    • justin

      every bodys saying that

  • Lori Simmons

    Deleted off the DVR schedule.

    • Sally VanDyke

      I’m not going to take off my DVR just yet. I’ll give it a little time to re-convert me, but if it doesn’t happen by the end of sweeps, THEN I’m gone!

      • dude

        i agree sister

    • dude

      what the heck why why why why get a life

  • PatF

    Fantastic. Loved every second!

  • Sue Thick

    I know you had to make a decision on Adam(Michael Muhney) but in my experience in HR I know that it takes 2 for things to happen. Adam (Michael Muhney) is such a good actor and he has played his part right up to the end, what class. I do not enjoy watching Summer with any of the other actors, she has that whinny voice and is not a very good actor. I will miss Billy(Billy Miller) very much, he is a good actor. I have seen him in movies and he is very good. I know you have to have a key player like Victor but come on his story line is a little over the top – like he is the only one that can do anything or everything, get a grip you aren’t that good any more. If Steve Burton hadn’t joined the show I may have been like the other and stop watching but I miss Steve on GH and Y&R is the only place I can watch him.

    • judy

      Exactly, victor’s character is despicable now! He’s like that in his interviews too. He’s just over the top!! Fast fwd past him!

  • Bexx

    Loved this week, all around a great week for Y&R.

    • dude

      i did not like when at the end when adam died is he dead or not

      • Bexx

        We’ll we all know Adam isn’t dead, I think it was scripted perfectly. I was a bit surprised that it didn’t feel rushed. Adam will reemerge in a few months with a new face.

  • judy

    I’m missing these 2 actors already and I fast fwd thru the other crap. I still have 1 daytime guilty pleasure, GH! Bring BM AND MM to GH!! Watch ratings go up and JFP cry!! Even better, have either actor bring Jason back from the dead! It happens… Or, just give em both a new ID, ratings will still go up!!! RIP Y&R!!

  • Cara

    I loved it! It is very disappointing that my 2 favorite actors are off the show, but I am also loyal to the remaining originals. Victor has always been a force and over the top but Eric Brayden makes him believable. I thought I might stop watching after all the upset over losing 3 great actors but that is not fair to the other ones like Nikki, Paul, Lauren, Michael and Jack and Neal, Jill , Chloe , Sharon, Nick, etc. I wish Billy Miller the best of luck moving on, he is young and should not be pigeon holed just because fans will be sad to see him go. Michael Muhney will bounce back! He is too great not to.

    • dude

      please where is phills i just want to now if hes coming back or not

      • dude

        did really hit bill dauter will they ever prove why cant adam be happy in life

        • dude

          who in the hell dose victoria think she is

    • my

      They have made Sharon and Nickie pathetic characters…….
      Victor is all over the wall
      who is writing ????

  • Fox

    If/when they recast the Adam character, the most important chemistry they will need to test for is what the new actor is like opposite David Tom’s Billy. The Adam-Billy relationship is the next generation of the Newman-Abbott feud, and with Muhney and Miller in these roles, it really grew to represent the future of the show. Regardless of whatever the individual circumstances that led to each actor’s exit, I will miss the dynamic these two talented men brought to the show.

    • gorgia

      i feel the same way bring adam back the only person that can handle victor is adam

    • Patrice Tave

      Me too I really love those two. I protest, bring back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. Excellent actors. Performance outstanding, good chemistry. Please Y&R writers get Billy back and I think from this weeks episode Muhney will be back. Don’t screw this up. Also Devon need better storylines along with Neil. Can’t believe you couldn’t have made better stories for them, Why isn’t Victor messing in Abbey’s business. Very surprised about it. Christine and Paul always have a dull relationship why. My god the bloggers are right, we need new writers.

  • maggie

    I believe it is wrong to replace Billy Miller did not care for David Tom as a young billy. this must be some joke of the soaopera gods! guess we will stop watching!

  • Anne Alvarez

    NO MILLER, NO MUHNEY= NO Y&R!!! And I am a decades long fan, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back!

  • Harlee

    Kudos for all the performers to deliver the goods. I especially have enjoyed PB & MCE so on the money of the wounded bride and her run away groom, simply superb. PB realizing it was Adam who mowed down his niece (maybe…hmmm) was spot on as always and with Victor….just excellent!

  • spydermonky

    Am I wrong or did one of them get blown up? I’m guessing it was Adam beings they have already filled Billy Miller’s character. Don’t know how everyone else feels but I’m really getting tired of their firings. And the story lines are just SAD!!! Get rid of Lily and hubby…there’s nothing there. And Devon….please…that is so stupid. Katherine would never have given that bone-head all that money. And the ghosts……get rid of the ghosts. And now Carmine has been erected from the dead…oh let me guess it was a twin brother. These writer’s are suppose to be better….that’s laughable.

  • isabella

    I’m not going to watch Y&R anymore…..Hope Michael Muheney shows up on GH soon!!!!!

    • Bexx

      Yeah, I’m sure he’ll show up, after how he trashed talked Tony Geary. Guess he never thought he would be out of a job one day.

  • Bernadette

    I’ve been watching the Young and the Restless since day one. I will never watch it again unless they bring Michael Muheney back. These new writers are morons. They have taken the best soap on TV and destroyed it. We have enough depression in life without having to watch it on TV. It’s pitiful.

  • mzmony

    Everyone’s saying they need new writers so let me try out. Sharon “felt” Cassie. The redhead in the room is actually a recovered Phyllis who convinced the doctors she wanted to surprise her family, went to that wonderful plastic surgeon on soaps that can make a muscular big gal like Sheila a dead ringer for Phyllis, and now she is playing Cassie’s ghost to mess with Sharon. Oh and wait for next year sweeps week for the angst when Nick is attracted to her again in Cassie’s body.