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REPORT: ‘Y&R’ Star Fired For Allegedly Groping Co-Star’s Breasts

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

It had long been rumored and speculated about on social media and message boards, including the SON Community, since word of ‘s firing from “” first came to light. Now, is reporting that as per their sources, Muhney, 38, was fired for allegedly groping a female co-star’s breasts on more than one occasion.

According to the website, the female co-star in question, (Summer Newman), 20, “went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions — and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted actions.”

In his interview, Muhney was quoted as saying of his firing, “Sometimes I’ve walked around with a big backpack full of hubris. That is entirely on me. CBS, Sony, and Jill Phelps [‘Y&R’ executive producer] are not to blame for that. If I’m going to claim to be a grown man, I have to own that.”

As previously reported, Muhney last airs on “Y&R” on Thursday, January 30 as Adam Newman. The show does plan to recast, per the actor in his Huffington Post Canada interview.

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  • Bexx

    LOL If this is remotely true I wonder how those ‘save Micheal’ campaigns are going to justify wanting him back. I knew he pissed off someone at the top, 3 days to pack your crap and get out doesn’t scream JFP. Still loving my show despite it’s faults.

    • DJinATL

      His fans are already attacking Hunter…and its sickening and deplorable.

      • Bexx

        I expected as much.

        • heather mcdaniels

          One can be a fan of Michael Muhney [even a “rabid one”] yet not attack Hunter King in this. I’m not attacking her. But I am wondering if someone might have put her up to it in exchange for a bigger part, more air time, more screen time, something. I don’t trust Jill Farren Phelps any further than I can spit, and I wouldn’t out anything past Phelps…

  • Connie Dauphin

    re hire Michael Muhney

    • Philip

      How would you like for you or your young sister or if you have a daughter to work with him?

      Why should his female co-stars have to deal with being groped when they don’t want to?

      If you did that to your male co-worker or him to you — how fast do you think either of you would be fired? Why should Michael Muhney keep his job?

      Perverted behavior should never be rewarded.

      • Colin

        So should have Jeanne Cooper been fired. Because that’s just as perverted.

        • Philip

          I do not know anything about Jeanne Cooper? If she did the same thing or something similar then yes.

          It is sad that things like this have been going on for years. Even sadder that for years it wasn’t a crime.

          And even sadder that victims have been too afraid to speak out for years because of exactly the same reasons for what is happening to HK now. If a person gets harrassed or groped then they asked for it.

          I wonder how each person blaming Hunter in this would feel if this happened to them or a family member and that family member was dragged through the mud and said it was their fault.

          • heather mcdaniels

            Phillip, get the book, “Not Young, Still Restless” and read about some of the antics Jeanne pulled behind the scenes (on set, actually!). And watch the memorial program that the actors had for her, where they reminisced about her. Joshua Morrow and Greg Rikaart both said that it was an honor to be pinched on the buttocks (or the groin) by Jeanne Cooper, and she would do so at the most inappropriate time or inopportune moment. During the dance on the rooftop when Amber and Daniel were married, she grabbed Kevin’s crotch! Greg Rikaart says you can even see it on tape. But Jeanne was so beloved they didn’t do anything about it, and no one ever reported it to the brass. Why would she get away with 40 years of doing this, and Muhney, IF he did, not if the show is so lax? Oh, maybe because Jeanne’s a woman and Michael isn’t? Double standards, huh? I don’t think so….

      • Bexx

        The only one I feel sorry for is in all this Hunter. She should be commended for coming forward, not harassed. It’s also horrible that she is being used as a pawn to save the show’s reputation. Her name should have never been released. Period. Whether or not CBS gave the story to TMZ, Hunter should have been protected.

        Why she hasn’t quit yet is beyond me. If this happened twice, then it shows that CBS/Sony swept things under the rug the first time, likely due to Muhney’s popularity with fans, which allowed him another chance to victimize her. This sort of thing happens all the time in the industry.

  • Cyberologist

    This rumor has been around for some time and I was hoping it wasn’t true. However, he needs therapy. How stupid can you be to jeopardize your livli hood your career as an actor not only that, your wife and three kids.

  • Marie

    Bull Hocky!!!!

  • #savemuhney

    Allegedly… rumors….innuendo. This is not FACTUAL. Stop trying to destroy Michael Muhney’s life!

    His fans stand behind him unless it is PROVEN that he is unworthy.

  • Susan

    This is ridiculous and UNPROVEN. All you sites are jumping on the bandwagon of “rumor” and its despicable. I am a fan of Mr. Muhney (he is the only reason I watch Y&R and he is an excellent actor). Why was Michael at Billy Miller’s going away party if this were true? Why did Sharon Case do a beautiful tribute video to Michael if this were true? Why would Josh Morrow (who plays the FATHER of the girl who accusing Mr. Muhney) re-post Ms. Cases’ video if this were true? It doesn’t add up.

    • Kris

      Agreed! And good point

    • Bexx

      Have you ever held a job? Do you really think that cases of sexual harassment are broadcast via company email? His co-stars likely had no idea the extent of his firing. Tomorrow is a new day, I’m sure he’ll come out and deny the story….right?

      • Susan

        Yes Bexx I have worked in good old Corporate America for over 23 years and believe me co-workers sometimes know sooner than the wife at home allegations of inappropriate behavior.

    • heather mcdaniels

      Muhney was at Billy Miller’s going away party because it was also his last day at work. They both left on Thursday, Dec. 19 and both their last air dates are January 30. But you’re right that right now this is all rumor, speculation and completely unproven.

      If it were real, someone would have said or done something a lot sooner to Muhney, and other than “he was a problem for years” as Bell alluded to, the show had him on for five years and signed him up for two more prior to his being fired, and kept him working for the entire week after they told him they were “letting him go…”

      This is all very questionable…

  • Openminded

    Don’t believe everything you read. I’m inclined to think that this young lady is trying to be in the spot light more. The old Summer was a much better actress. I really do hope she isn’t trashing Michael’s name to make a name for herself. Is she is, then she should be fired from the show…She could easily be replaced with a much better actress.

    • Susan

      Agree with you 100%

    • Bexx

      Well, just look at all the support she is getting. Geez she’s famous now, eh?

    • heather mcdaniels

      She’s a FOJ, having worked with her on Hollywood Heights. King won’t be fired.

  • Lynda

    Did Angelica McDaniel (Head of CBS Daytime programming) leak this UNPROVEN rumour to her husband Brian McDaniel (employed by TMZ) on TMZ? Maybe CBS is trying to destroy Michael’s character, career and family life because they know the show will tank after all the fans boycott their channel and advertisers. If this was the case, he would have been escorted out of the building immediately and not stayed to film 3 extra days. RIP Y&R

    • Kris

      Well said and good point

      • Susan

        Excellent point!!

    • Bexx

      Still waiting for him to deny the story…

      I’m sure an upstanding man like Muhney, who has wife and young children wouldn’t allow his name to be associate with that of a common predator. He’s no longer employed by CBS/Sony, so he can speak freely, no?

    • heather mcdaniels

      I think the show is trying to boost Steve Burton, who tanked with fans both as a character and with storylines. He has a massive contract with CBS, and now the two major players who could act rings around him are gone, one because he couldn’t get outs, which was the only sticking point, and one because of a RUMOR that he allegedly groped a young girl. Seems someone somewhere at CBS wants amazing actors out and to retain a dullard such as Burton. He’s already being hailed at the best SL coming up with Ray Wise as his dad, Ian, and Nikki as his mom. Sure, Muhney did it … like hell he did!

  • Philip

    Funny fans have had no problems with RUMORS in the past being posted about other stars saying they molested performers, had others fired, saying they were homophobic, cheating on their spouses, etc. No they bought into them and freely posted them. Michael Muhney is no better than any performer who has had rumors who supposed charges posted or reported against them. If your going to buy into one of them then you open the flood gates for every performer to have to play the game too. Every time you buy a magazine like TMZ, The Enquirer, etc. you buy into the game.

    Michael Muhney is in the public eye. This is the game they play. And he himself has played the game very well himself….especially with his Twitter account. So he knows the game.

    Remember folks the career of the guy before him in the role of Adam Newman. Muhney’s good friend posted rumors and inuendo about him too. Ruined his career. None of it was ever proven. All rumor based on what that reporter said.

    And sorry but it is a sign of total immaturity to blame a victim. The ones doing so and dragging her name through the mud are the worst of hypocrites. Let’s don’t ruin the name of Michael Muhney but so what to hers. It’s sickening…hypocritical…and low class.

    • Bexx


      It’s been hours since TMZ broke the story, and Muhney has yet to publicly repudiate the story. Even if he doesn’t do it for himself, he should at least for his family. I personally believe that the allegation are likely true, there had to be some egregious misconduct on the part of Muhney for CBS/Sony to fire such a popular actor so abruptly.

      His fans remind me of the Twilight fans that went on an rampage after the story came out about Stewart sleeping with the married director. Her fans claimed the magazines doctored the images of them together, and even when the director, and Stewart publicly apologize, her fans still thought she was lying.

      Muhney’s idiot fans have gone as far as to claim that Hunter is just trying to ruin him, I mean, seriously? What hidden motives would she have for coming forward other than to expose her attacker? It’s sad that people still attack victims of sexual assault in this country, even worse when it’s women doing it. It’s unfortunete that this young girl will have to endure such public shaming.

      • Sorry, but I still think this sounds totally bogus. Only time will tell, I suppose.

  • mshickman_31088

    WTH. There’s more drama backstage than on the show.

  • Alice Brooke

    Since when are you able to continue working after you are accused of sexual advances? If this is true then why did they pink slip him and then have Michael film an extra 3 days??? And why was this not reported by Hunter after the first time? If someone gropes another co worker then are immediately fired and escorted out of the building or be open to lawsuits. I have to wonder what exactly did happen and also was Michael that stupid to not only damage his career but also wreck havoc on his family.

    • Bexx

      Haven’t other men been that stupid? I don’t understand people acting as if they know Muhney personally to know he wouldn’t do something like this. Countless men famous, and non famous have cheated on their wives, and destroyed their careers by simply being unable to keep it in their pants.

  • Bexx

    His PR rep must still be on holiday. These types of claims ruin careers, and marriages, yet he’s chosen to remain silent and allow others to speculate.

  • Amy May Tynes

    They are “allegations”. Is there proof? Or is it he said/she said? Was if filmed or was their a witness or did he confess? Since nothing was seems to proven and just allegations. Why haven’t formal charges been laid if its true? Is there a ongoing investigation? What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Whether the allegations are true or not, Hunter King is now a bigger liability than Michael Muhney. No producer is going to risk an accusation of sexual harrassment. I do feel for her if he did harass her, but her career is over. But is she is making a false allegation then I feel bad for Michael and his family.

    • Philip

      As I said in the Maria Bell thread I am sure a company as big as Sony and a network as big as CBS did an investigation and have themselves fully covered. They are not stupid and have full legal teams on their side. They would have never fired him on a case of he said-she said. They have their evidence or Muhney would still be working or both would have been fired.

      • Amy May Tynes

        Well they left themselves open to a lawsuit because they fired him and let him work with her 3 day after she could sue them as if they had evidence then they made the victim work with him after the investigated enough to fire him.

        • Anne Alvarez

          You are absolutely right, CBS would be breaking the law! Sexual harassment is a criminal offense, if you are fired for groping your co-workers breast, they will escort you off property immediately. If they want to convince us this story is true, then I guess they will be firing Jill Farren Phelps and Anjelica McDaniel who opened CBS and SONY to a major lawsuit from the alleged victim for ignoring the States employment laws and creating a hostile work environment.

        • Philip

          Not if they gave her time off while he finished. And that is what rumor has said. There are many ways it could have been handled that we are not privy to. It happened at our work place once and both parties were given time off while they did their investigation into the charges. They could also rearranged the schedule so that neither of them worked on the same day. With a soap with the cast the size of Y&R not every actor reports to work or to the set every day. So there are many ways they couldn’t have even been in the same building. As long as she was protected a lawsuit wouldn’t even stand esp. since he was fired.

  • Philip

    I laugh how Muhney’s fans are blaming everyone …. Jeanne Cooper, Sony, Angelica McDaniel, CBS, Hunter King, Eric Braedan, Melody Scott, Doug Davidson, HK’s chest, …. what next his wife. Maybe if her chest was bigger he wouldn’t have done it. Or maybe it’s his fans fault. Heck let’s blame Obama. Or congress? Or the soap press? All of them make just as much sense. There is only one person to blame for what he did. MICHAEL MUHNEY!!!!!! It doesn’t matter what anyone else did or how long it took him to get fired or any of the other trivial matters fans are trying to cloud the picture with. Michael Muhney is responsible for his own firing. It doesn’t matter how King was dressed or whatever. If he touched her breasts and she asked him not to and esp. if he did it again after that — IT WAS WRONG

    • Bexx

      Don’t forget HK’s clothing, HK’s ambitions, HK’s crush on him, and of course Steve Burton.

    • Amy May Tynes

      Wow This whole conversation and blog is based on rumour, Hunter King or Michael have both made no comment and know one from the show is out there confirming the rumour. This story got started by TMZ! A employer has right and the obligation to fire anyone whom the investigation deems sexual harassment took place , you are fired for groping your co-workers breast, they will escort you off property immediately, employers don’t give few days notice. Also even if they gave her a few days off while he worked, she not the only pretty girl on the show they would be obligated to protect. You also seem to have invested interest, I am just waiting for the facts or a comment from the show or Hunter or Michael. This all could be a rumour, started by TMZ because he got fired it could be for something completely different. I am not going to believe a story without someone from the show confirming this or charges to be laid, just because TMZ says so.

  • heather mcdaniels

    You can be paid for your final days without working, even if it’s in a contract, and if someone broke the law, such as with sexual harassment, the contract would be null and void anyway.

    I personally don’t believe a word TMZ is saying about this. While Michael Muhney can be snarky and probably teased Hunter King, he’s not the kind of person who would lay hands on a young girl. Not from what I know of him.

    And isn’t it strange how this came almost two weeks after he was fired? Almost seems as though someone doesn’t want him to possibly be brought back as Adam if he’s vilified enough in the press. Considering how many “fans” jumped immediately to the conclusion that he was guilty without anyone even opening their mouths, only out of rumors and speculation, it’s a wonder he hasn’t already been condemned and hung by now!

    Come on … this is someone in power’s doing, not MM’s. When we finally get the information as to what happened, IF we ever do, we’ll find out who’s right and who’s wrong. You have ro remember, King worked with JFP for several years on Hollywood Heights, and if Muhney WAS such a problem behind the scenes,, other than being outspoken about how the industry treated actors, why did the show ask him to sign a new two-year contract with them?

    Methinks CBS doth speak too much…against Muhney!

  • Amy May Tynes

    This whole conversation and blog is based on rumour, Hunter King or Michael have both made no comment and know one from the show is out there confirming the rumour. This story got started by TMZ! A employer has right and the obligation to fire anyone whom the investigation deems sexual harassment took place , you are fired for groping your co-workers breast, they will escort you off property immediately, employers don’t give few days notice. Also even if they gave her a few days off while he worked, she not the only pretty girl on the show they would be obligated to protect. You also seem to have invested interest, I am just waiting for the facts or a comment from the show or Hunter or Michael. This all could be a rumour, started by TMZ because he got fired it could be for something completely different. I am not going to believe a story without someone from the show confirming this or charges to be laid, just because TMZ says so.

    • Bexx

      How many times are you copy this post? Can you go spam the Y&R Facebook page or something?

      • Amy May Tynes

        Sorry, Bexx I didn’t think it posted because I was not signed in and because it signed in as guest I don’t know how to delete the second comment!

        • Bexx

          Then my apologies.

      • Warrior of the Rainbow

        Sometimes posts accidentally post multiple times. Happens frequently. Dont ASSume.

  • Linda Stone

    This sums up all
    of the cast and everyone connected to The Young and The Restless.

    Who in their right mind would want to work for a bunch of
    back stabbing, underrated actors

    like you. The ‘Big Mouth’, arrogant, “Kiss My Ring”, “Don’t
    act better than me”’

    “Don’t step in my space”, or get more screen time than me,
    Eric Braeden. You would still

    be on the canceled ‘Rat Patrol’, which sums up your ‘acting’
    ability. A cast that if you don’t

    “play” right with them and study your lines too much calls you
    “too intense”. Sound familiar

    Josh Morrow? If you
    try to make friends, they are your enemies!
    You would never have done

    this to any minorities or such, or you would be called
    racist! Michael Muhney may be young

    and have a lot to learn but he is the best The Young and The
    Restless ever cast on your lousy show!

    He owned the part of Adam Newman, from the minute he stepped
    on the stage. His acting is not

    lazy or boring. He is
    better than all of you. When Ms. Jeanie
    Cooper “Catherine” grabbed guys

    butts, no one said a word, not a WORD! Michael Muhney is not a pedophile. He’s a naïve man

    who was sucked into playing a game to make friends and got
    carried away. Add to that, to who

    ‘coached’ Ms. King.
    Add this to the Eric Braeden feud with Michael Muhney. Remember when

    Eric Braeden made a ‘punching bag’ back stage out of Peter
    Bergman? Who would do that? And

    blood dropped!
    Forgotten!! Young and Restless,
    you just lost the best you will ever, ever have!

    I thought your writers and casting turned the show around
    and were brilliant! I know now that you

    Are stupid! I’m sure
    he’s learned a lot from this and I wish with all my heart the best for Michael

    Muhney and his family. He’s better off! You’re all a bunch of snakes! Someday you will be off the air!

    I’ll be gone, but Michael Muhney will hopefully go on to
    work with honest, generous, mature and

    sharing actors.. You all are the losers in this game. And since when did Doug Davidson crawl out

    of the woodwork and become spokesman? If tenure makes you a good actor, he’s only
    their because of

    the Bells. I wonder
    what Bill Bell would say about all of this, a kind, fine and generous man that
    he was?

    And what about the ‘good ‘ole days’ as Eric Braeden himself
    tells it when he felt a hand on his crotch and

    It was none other than that “Dear sweet little devil” Ms.
    Jeanie Cooper, just havin’ fun! Just a little fun

    You kids. She loved
    the young people and would have been quick to put this kind of thing to rest.

    Ms Phelps, I don’t have to kiss your ass so, your comment,
    that you liked the character ‘Adam’ but

    not the man, well someday hopefully you will be in his
    shoes. Then try and get someone to sleep
    with your

    ugly, bony ass to try and get a new job, but I highly doubt
    it! Do you really think they like you

    Think again!!