On ‘DAYS,’ EJami Fans Are In For A Shock!


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Remember our interview with “'” (Abigail Deveraux) in which she said, “There are some interesting turns, and it’s not subtle. It’s going to hit everyone like a ton of bricks. You’ll be like, ‘WHAT?!’ It’s really unexpected,” in regards to her characters’ potential love interest? Turns out Mansi may have been referring to the growing attraction between Abigail and EJ DiMera ()! 

In a newly released promo for the daytime drama series, EJami fans may want to close their eyes as the network is highlighting the growing attraction between Abigail and EJ to the point that EJ states, “Bloody hell! What have I done?”

  • lulu

    GROSS and totally out of character for Ej and even Abby (she is so against lies, schemes and Dimera..and Ej represents all of this..wtf !)
    It is really plot drama out of nowhere..Days was good in 2013 but it seems 2014 starts really bad..puke.

    • gessie

      puke is right. puke.

  • Lee Roberts


  • Ejabbyfan

    Awesome! I’ve wanted this pairing for a months. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Kate Mansi & James Scott are on fire together.

    • realitycheck

      They are not on fire at all..it is just gross and disgusting and to destroy their most popular pairing in order to give a boring character like Abby a story is a bad and nasty move from Days..puke.

      • Ejabbyfan

        Oh grow up. You guys, the most obnoxious and rude fans in Days history, had your turn with ejami. Now let someone else have a chance

        • Sandiana

          If people who have freedom of speech does not agree with you why do you read it?

        • Dayz

          “the most obnoxious and rude fans in Days”. Name calling is childish IMO..just like this new twist of events

        • Always Ejami

          EJAMI fans have a right to be pissed, because they have not had a real chance at anything they had what, like 3 months of happiness? and then total drama starting with the Gabi, Will and Nick story, then the Bernardi story, the Nick story again and now this garbage, Abby had her chance at a Dimera and she threw him away like garbage and now all of sudden her sanctimonious self wants EJ who is engaged to her cousins mother- the kids that she babysits, if they wanted to hook them up they should have done it differently to where he is not cheating on Sami. Ejami’s are disappointed with the story and because we realize that once again that our couple that we have been supporting for almost a decade is getting screwed over for Abby, because the writers cant figure out what to do with her, its unnecessary angst and its predictable as to how this story will play out if he has sex with her, the only thing that would have made this interesting to me is if she drugged his ass the way Kristen did Eric, then maybe he would understand more as to why Sami is so upset about her brother being raped.and him refusing to acknowledge it.

          • gessie

            I don’t want to watch the show anymore. Because of this, but mostly because of the lack of people in the dating pool. They bring in Teresa and Jordan (blech) and write Gabbi and Abigail as stalkers. I just can’t. and of course, there will be a baby.

      • Sandiana

        The fan favorites seem to always get split up. EJami were the perfect pair & partners. They both accepted each other as is & they knew everything about the other. Now the writers have Sami once again acting like a spoiled stupid brat. Look at what EJ gave up for her!! Come on writer’s! This show will be the next to get taken off the air.I’m ready now to stop watching.

  • Jules


  • diva

    Yuck abby needs to stop acting like a little you know what. Get your own man Abby because Cam won’t take you back after that stunt. You seriously went low. From Cam to Chad now their brother how gross

  • Rhysie

    Love ’em

  • Jen


  • Sandiana

    Once Abby got turned on she can’t find the turn off switch!



  • Dayz

    Bloody hell indeed.

  • LMD

    This CAN NOT be happening… EJ belongs with Sami, I thought finally they were going to be happy together. PLEASE don’t ruin this couple. They are so much in love. Not cool to see EJ and Abi, not at all.