NEXT WEEK on DAYS: Nick Wants Revenge!

Days of our Lives Mast Head by Soap Opera Network


“He’s returned from the dead. The good news? They didn’t kill him. The bad news? He wants revenge,” states next week’s promo for NBC’s “,” which revealed on the Friday, January 24 episode that Nick Fallon () didn’t die after Gabi () knocked him over the head with a rock and subsequently shoved him into the river with the aide of Sami () and Kate ().

  • Jon Harris

    thats not the real nick and its the nick looklike

    • Sue Evans

      thats what im figuring too

  • Sharon Jesse

    I don’t like him at all why do they keep bringing him back. Cripes he gives me the creeps!!!!!

  • DAYS fan since 2000

    Blake Berris is a great actor!!