Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS

In a near 2,600 word posting on his Facebook page, “'” (Neil Winters) further commented on the situation occurring behind the scenes at the daytime drama series following the breast groping scandal that has rocked the show and the industry.

A portion of his message states, “The implosion at Y and R, has caused fans to seek an even bigger explosion, one that is unwarranted, and without real merit, based on what little information has been given or leaked. Because of this soap opera behind the scenes hysteria, we are now ALL in a WAR ZONE. Can you blame the actors when under fire and being attacked, for putting on flak jackets, arming themselves with the only weapons available, (social media) and firing SOMETHING, anything back? The problem here is that we have very little artillery. Our hands are tied, beyond belief. Beyond our control. WE WANT THIS TO END AS MUCH AS THE FANS DO. But I’ll be damned if I allow a FEW OF THE MANY THAT HAVE HELPED TO CONSTRUCT THE HOUSE THAT WILLIAM BELL SR. built, along with his precious wife LEE PHILLIP BELL, with THIER own hands, from the ground up, to BULLY ME, SCARE ME OR MY FAMILY, AND IMPEDE MY PROGRESS IN THIS ONLY LIFE THAT I/WE HAVE. I have worked for 40 years in this Hollywood machine and have never witnessed such senseless, misdirected anger and discontent. It reminds me more of a Shakespearean play, where misunderstanding and deceit are played out on stage by colorful characters with much charm, but with insidious intentions. Remember, “The play is the Thing” (wherein I will catch the conscience of the King) Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2. You don’t cut down the entire apple tree because of one infected apple. This IS SHAKESPEAREAN by design, with tragic consequences for those that allow it.”

The actor also says, “I implore all of us, fans, actors, producers, writers, cast and crew, from the smallest to the largest, journeymen, astronauts, traveling through time and space. it is TIME TO WAKE UP, and believe in our brother man and woman. That TOGETHER we have unheralded strength. TOGETHER we can spread the message of love, harmony and peace. STOP THE HURT, HEAL THE WOUNDED, EMBRACE THOSE THAT NEED LOVE AND COMFORT. This is just a blip on Gods radar. A moment in time, that will pass, if we ALL WORK TOGETHER. ”

To read St. John’s full message to his fans, followers and viewers of “Y&R,” click here.

  • Bexx

    This will fall on deafs ears, I’m afraid. You can’t rationalize with deranged fan-girls nor expect them to show respect, decency, or an iota of decorum. They feel that their heartthrob needs protection from the big bad wolves at CBS, and they will destroy anyone who dares utter one negative word against Muhney.

    We live in a world of “Twihards” and these are the type of women who would rather waste they money on a banner, than spend it on a good cause. You know it’s a sad day when mothers are out attacking a 20 year old girl. I can’t wait for January 30th, so we never have to hear from these idiots again. Hopefully they will take up shelter with Muhney in his garage.

  • Fred

    Bexx, again you continue with your ax grinding. Muhney’s and King’s reputations have been destroyed over RUMORS with no facts presented as back up. Both actors have been thrown under the bus for the sole purpose of getting hits on Internet gossip blogs. Furthermore, Muhneys livelihood had been trashed so his coworkers can gloat and kick the man when he’s down in order to grab some free publicity and to get in the spotlight. The fans were already angry over his sudden firing a week before Christmas. Then a crazed fan who can’t distinguish between an actor and the character he plays slanders him and TMZ picks it up and it goes viral. Now the world believes a viscous lie as gospel and a smear campaign ensues. Then on top of that his costars see a chance to stick knives in his back. The man lost his job. Why kick him when he’s down?

  • Andrew Hass

    Yeah i wouldn’t want to be on the Y&R set right now.I’m sure most of the actors on the show don’t want to be involved in this mess but are been dragged into it.People can like Michael Muhney as an actor all they want but do they know him personally and that he’s capable of what he’s accused of doing.Plus now no matter what Hunter or Michael says now people might not believe them.For example Hunter could deny everything but some people could just say she’s just following orders from higher up.

  • Susan Cange

    I think this situation would die down some if ppl would just stop talking about it. everyone knows whats going on at least some of it and it seems it w ould level out and you wouldn’t hear so much about it if ppl would just leave it alone. Michael has mentioned many times to respect others and let it go. I have read that myself. sounds like the actors keep talking about it more than the fans. the fans keep talking about it cause actors are doing that in r eturn. just let it go and move on.

  • Y&R Fan

    I don’t think this will die down at all. One of the reasons that it won’t die is because Muhney’s fans won’t let it go. They demanded to know why he was fired. Actors tried to tell them it wasn’t the shows fault. They still didn’t stop. It leaked as to what really happened. Even with actors saying almost point blank it happened and it was a bad thing it still won’t stop with them. The attack any actor that speaks out in support of Hunter King or any actor that tries to confirm what happened.

    They try to disguise some of it with “FAKE” concern for Hunter King and say her name should have never been released. If they had not released her name they would have demanded to know it and say that it wasn’t fair for his name to be out there and not hers. In the process of trying to find out who it was they would have tore down every actress on the show.

    They also act as if they love Y&R and were fans of the show. They were never fans of Y&R. They were fans of Michael Muhney and him alone.

    I used to like Muhney and in the original context of things had hoped this would work out and he would get his career back. I had hoped that some of his douchebag behavior on Twitter was just for show. But the way he is leaving a young girl out there to hang for his crime, and the way he is treating his former cast mates by not even trying to call his cult off — then to me he deserves everything he gets.

    I will never watch anything with him in it again.

    • RedRiver38

      He can’t say one word. The lawyers are just waiting to pounce.

    • False. He told everyone to be respectful in one of his tweets.

  • RedRiver38

    Silence is golden. The Y&R actors need to zip it. Enough.

  • mdbball02

    If CBS was a prefessional organization, they would have issued a Statement, instead of hiding, and now obvioulsy asking the actors to hide what happened. The longer they DON’T get in front of this, the farther behind it they get! Public Relations 101! In no other industry do they need to be as cautious! Soap fans can smell a lie a mile away. If CBS went on the record, the second guessing could be stopped. They apparently have nothing to say that will explain what happened. So they toss out inuendo and direct TMZ to report on a fans’ rumor. The only articles CBS is commenting in are the ones that say they are laughing at the fans arguing, laughing at the plane that was sent (even tho they claimed not to have seen it), and the Execs at the top of thie debackle are laughing all the way to the bank–keeping their jobs for THIS mismanagement? KSJ can blame CBS for his problems! He’s JUST as guilty of NOT TELLING PEOPLE ANYTHING and STIRRING THE POT as the next actor on the show, since NO ON IN MAGMT is behaving like an Executive! WHO is taking a paycheck at CBS for Media Affairs??????

  • krfx

    The user Bexx is a ridiculous troll whose only goal in their miserable life is to defend Y&R, even though every living, breathing person can see what a sad and pathetic show and a mere shell of it’s former self it has become. And of course they also have to bash and trash GH, even though anyone who understands anything about soaps at all, knows that is not only the best soap there is on air at this moment, also the one that has most improved over the past two years. So pay absolutely no mind to what this ridiculous, non-entity of a poster called Bexx says. Their only mission is to troll this board and fill it with their inane babbling, like every crazy person does.

    • Bexx

      Darling, you do realize that this article has zero to do with GH, correct? No one here has mentioned GH. Perhaps you’re looking for the ratings thread about 3 posts down. You’re attempting to reprimand me for trashing GH, and praising Y&R, yet here you are trashing Y&R and praising GH. Next time you must attempt a better argument without looking like an hypocritical ninny. Furthermore, how has a nonentity got you so riled up? You GH fans always feel the need to get personal ever time you realize that someone isn’t a fan of vampires.