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Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

According to Entertainment Weekly, , famous for her portrayal of Abby Ewing on CBS’ “,” is joining the cast of ABC’s “” in a BIG new role.

Per the website, Mills was the only choice for her mysterious character “particularly because the writers are major fans of her old primetime soap.”

While full character details (name, storyline, etc.) are unavailable at this time, the site says that viewers can expect to see Mills first air sometime in late February.

  • Andrew Hass

    I was surprised and shocked when i heard Donna Mills was coming to GH.My guess is she will either be playing Silas’s wife or connected to her somehow.

  • Joe

    Maybe she will be reprising her role of Abby Ewing just to piss off the usual haters of GH who will complain no matter what

  • Philip

    I would a whole lot rather they used the money to give Tristan Rogers a contract. And he would be there for the rest of Robin’s story which is the main story keeping me holding on with the show now. It is going to be a big whole in it without Robert Scorpio around.

  • Karen

    Olivia Jerome?

  • Bexx

    Her face doesn’t even move, I guess she’ll fit right in at GH.

  • KermitKlein

    Any other time, I would be ecstatic to know that Donna Mills is coming to my screen. Not this time. Although I love Donna Mills, the thought of another person coming to GH just makes me want to groan especially if she’s tied to either the Jeromes or Sila’s story. I can only imagine what the response was from actors like NLG, BH, JJY, LC, & JE was upon hearing this news. These are people that have stayed with this show for over a decade(s) through the good and the bad who are now being relegated to glorified day players while more and more people are brought on this show. No effort at all is put into giving them a true story, but yet more & more people are brought on this show to either make an unnecessary newbie relevant or to continue giving an unnecessary newbie story.