Michael Muhney Fans Pull Together Funds To Fly Banner Over CBS Studios In Protest of Actor’s Firing

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

As fans of “” did in March 2011 to protest the supposed firing of cast member Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby), fans of (Adam Newman) have purchased a flyover of the CBS Television City studio, where the soap is taped, to get their message across to executives of their displeasure in the actor’s firing. Only this time they have taken things a step further – they’ve alerted mainstream media!

According to TMZ, the same publication that reported allegations that the actor was fired for touching the breasts of one of his co-stars, a Facebook group made up of fans devoted to the ousted soap star have pulled together $785 to fly a banner that says, “NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY,” over the CBS studio.

It’s unclear when the banner is scheduled to make its impression.

Muhney last airs Thursday, January 30 on “Y&R.” The show does plan to recast the role, per the actor in a Huffington Post Canada interview.

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  • Bexx

    Newbie? Stupid people. I wonder how many are asking for refunds?

    • Kcalary

      It wasn’t the actual message..the tabloids reported incorrectly AGAIN….case in point!

      • Bexx

        Did you see the one they actually did use? Even fitted an image of their fan-girl heart. LOL

  • Calidiva4Life

    Sexual harassment is no joke! as an HR professional I’m sure they did their due diligence in the investigation. I am a life long Y&R fan and bad behavior off the set will send you to the unemployment line… quickly!

    • Anne Alvarez

      As an HR professional you should know that when you dismiss an employee for unlawful conduct, that employee must immediately be terminated and escorted off property by security. MIchael was allowed to work an additional 3 days after his dismissal. The word ALLEGEDLY means there is NO PROOF.

      • Kcalgary


        • Dee

          I agree, there is no such proof!!

    • Dee

      Do they have proof??They better or I see a big lawsuit brewing!

  • Andrew Hass

    If fans want to do this it’s their money but i hope they are willing to take the heat for it.No one is denying Michael is a great actor but that doesn’t give him freedom to do whatever he wants without consequences.Plus what if another actor did what Michael is accused of and got fired for it would these same fans be supporting him like they are with Michael?

  • Dee

    Convicted without out proof. If it was so true why did it take them months to let him go??? Y&R fans are bailing and CBS knows it!! They are posting like never before on Facebook…are they trying right the sinking ship??

  • Dee

    Correction; The Y&R team are in over drive trying to save face after the wrongful firing. What happened to proof, is there any…just saying

  • Roseann

    Why was Billy Miller replaced? He will be missed. Also, it was no surprise that Carmine was alive, I know it all along. Please don’t have Carmine terrorizing Lauren again, it’s getting old & boring. I will also, miss Micheal Muhney, I absolutely loved him & I rarely say that about any actor. It’s to bad that something couldn’t’ t have been worked out, like a suspension or something. Again he will be missed.