Has Ousted ‘Y&R’ Star Michael Muhney Been Silenced By CBS and Sony?

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

While it seems that the entire world has been abuzz over the recent news that “’” (ex-Adam Newman) was reportedly fired for sexual misconduct, there’s been one person who’s been unusually quiet as of late: Muhney himself. And now Radar Online is reporting that there’s a very specific reason why the once vocal star is keeping mum!

According to the publication, which also ran the controversial recent interview with Muhney’s former co-star, (Victor Newman), the Illinois native has been “muzzled” by CBS and Sony and is not allowed to talk about the sexual allegations launched against him nor Braeden’s interview. “Eric’s comments were off base and his version of the events is very different from Michael’s,” a source close to Muhney told Radar. “It’s very frustrating that Eric made these remarks, because Michael has been ordered by Sony and CBS to not discuss anything about the show or cast.

“It’s considered a personal matter, and both are prohibited by terms of their contracts from discussing it,” the source continues. “The only ones abiding by those orders are Michael and [alleged victim] Hunter [King, Summer Newman]. Michael is trying to move on from the alleged groping incidents, but it’s hard to do when his former co-stars are trash talking him.”

  • Andrew Hass

    I thought when Michael was fired and he taped his last episode his contract was voided.However i do understand why Sony/CBS may want to keep Michael and Hunter quiet for now.Down the line there might be some kind of joint statement put out by all sides.However right now lawyers might be involved and they are sorting things out regarding any liabilities or possible lawsuits.

    • linda knisley

      His contract is voided when he was fired, however there is probably a separation agreement in place which prohibits him from speaking out, or risk litigation. It would behoove CBS, Y&R and Sony to place that gag order on ALL employees, regarding the Michael Muhney situation. All they are doing is allowing current employees to keep stirring the pot.

  • Susan Cange

    these actors on this show keep talking on social media and want Michael to respond when he cant and to me they are just fueling the fire. I am sure in due time he will talk and tell everything how it really is.

    • Hannah

      If there was a GAG order in place, it would be in place for the entire cast. That does not seem to be the case here. Also another point, I’m sure actors working for this company would be well aware of this GAG order so someone needs to explain why would Kristoff St.John have the audacity to go on twitter and ask Michael Muhney to speak to the fans and get them off of other actors backs when you would think he should be fully aware this alleged GAG order. He’s been on that show for over 20 years, he’s one of the ones who would know full well of what can and cannot be said.

      • Bexx

        Because there likely is none despite what our house lawyer would have you to believe. Muhney can give a lengthy interview describing office plants, and crap, but I’m being told that immediately afterwards the gag order went into effect?

  • Bexx

    I wish these websites would stop parroting his psycho fans. Innocent men have nothing to hide.

    • linda knisley

      Corporations routinely place a gag order on employees whom are fired and if that order is violated, the employee faces litigation. Innocent men don’t have anything to hide, but smart men know when to speak and when to remain silent.

      • Bexx

        Only problem with that is that he HAS spoken out publicly concerning his abrupt firing. In his exit interview with Nelson Branco he went into great detail, holding very little back. But explain to me why would there be a gag order for an incident that never occurred? How would saying “The allegations against me are unequivocally false” be in breach of this supposed gag order? Where there’s smoke there’s is fire. As I said before, innocent men have nothing to hide.

        • linda knisley

          The allegations became public after the interview with Nellie. In general, when an employee is fired for cause, they are prohibited from commenting on anything related to the corporation, period. Michael’s interview with Nellie discussed ONLY HIS behavior, and nothing about any of his co-stars, and had NOTHING negative about Y&R, CBS, or Sony.

          CBS and Sony stated “We do not comment on RUMORS” when asked directly about the alleged incident between MM and HK. RUMOR, as in it is NOT FACTUAL.

          Eric Braeden publicly stated that the reason MM was fired is because of arguments the two of them got into. Funny how you’ll believe a RUMOR and treat that as fact, and ignore DIRECT QUOTES from Eric Braeden when he says he and Michael had many unpleasant incidents backstage.

          • Bexx

            YOU need to ease up on the caps lock, shouting won’t make any of what you say true. And while you’re at it you might want to read his interview with Branco again. Countless times he mentioned CBS, Y&R, Sony, and his feud Braeden. He even commented on the future of Adam, and gave play-by-play details of the moment he was fired, he even talked about the conversations he had with members of the cast after they learned he was fired.

            It doesn’t matter if what he said wasn’t negative, you’re original point was that there is an gag order in effect, therefore he’s not allowed to speak on anything related to the corporation, which base on his interview clearly isn’t true. So is there a gag order or not? Perhaps had he been a ‘smart’ man like you claimed, he would have kept his mouth shut after he was fired. He’s the reason his fans are on a war path.

            Why would CBS confirm the the rumors if everything had already been done properly? People really think a major player like Sony doesn’t have their ass covered?

            Once again, you really need to get your facts straights if you want to present any sort of argument here. FYI Braeden never stated that the reason Muhney was fired was because of their volatile on set relationship. Now you’re beginning to act like one Muhney’s delusional fans by attempting to spin people words to justify you in your support of Muhney.

            Braeden outright denied that he had anything to do with Muhney being fired. He never said their unpleasant behavior towards each other led to him being fired, but he did confirmed what an egotistical jackass Muhney was.

            Funny how you’re trying to twist actual facts, and spin actual quotes. What does Braeden’s quote have to do with whether or not Muhney is guilty of sexual harassment?

            And no I don’t believe that every single rumor is true, but I’m also not foolish enough to believe that every single one is false either.

          • linda knisley

            Funny how you sink into name calling. (“delusional fans”? Please, get over yourself. Fans disagreeing with your point of view does not make them “delusional”, it ONLY means that their point of view differs from yours. Thanks for trying, though) Really makes YOUR (not YOU’RE) points seem valid…..not!

            HE is not the reason his fans are on the warpath, and you assume EVERYONE whom is on the warpath is ONLY a fan of Michael’s. Wrong. You assume that the ONLY reason people are upset is because Michael was fired. WRONG. Fans are absolutely FED UP with the disgusting way this show has been going for the past several years thanks to Maria Arena Bell and her replacement with notorious soap killer Jill Farren Phelps. The feelings are cumulative, not specific to Michael’s firing, however this has been the catalyst for many fans of the SHOW to start voicing their displeasure with all the absurd storylines that have happened over the past few years, followed by the loss of Jeanne Cooper, Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and finally, the firing of Michael Muhney. Fans have had enough and they’ve started voicing their displeasure everywhere.

            In case you haven’t noticed, the sexual harassment story died a quick death. Stories like that which are actually true tend to continue and to snowball into something larger as more and more people come forward with similar accusations. This has yet to happen, and, in fact, other female co-stars have come forward and stated that Michael was respectful and courteous and was never out of line. Nellie also researched an incident between MM and HK months ago when there was some backstage whispering going on, and the rumor was disproven, likening the story to the childhood game of “telephone” where a discussion got turned into an argument turned into inappropriate touching turned into sexual harassment. A “fan” calling him/herself Sharonrocks was more than happy to post the rumor on several message boards as fact, and TMZ picked up the story and ran with it. I’m not foolish enough to believe a story that has not been substantiated, nor am I foolish enough to call those with opposing viewpoints “delusional”. Jess Walton commented TODAY that the stories of her leaving the show were “just another RUMOR”.

            As far as the gag order goes, it is common practice for a corporation to have a gag order in effect when an employee is fired “for cause”; Michael gave an interview to HuffPo, and has been totally silent except for two tweets, one quoting Benjamin Franklin, and one asking fans to be kind to EVERYONE. Either the interview with HuffPo was approved, or Michael violated the gag order and has been “reminded” by his legal counsel or Sony’s legal counsel that he is not free to speak about his firing, hence his silence since the HuffPo interview took place.

          • Bexx

            What is with you and the caps locks? And you aren’t disagreeing, YOU ARE deliberately lying, which I’m sorry, but it does make you delusional. Everything is available online, so it’s hard to misconstrued what’s right there in in front of you.

            Please do spare me the lecture on the state of the show. The fans out there spewing the most hate are his fans, they are the ones who are attacking a young girl, and abusing the rest of the cast members. The vulgarities that have been displayed over the past week was brought on because Muhney failed to adequately make his fans understand that he, himself is the sole reason he got fired. No one else is to blame.

            People have been upset with the direction of the show for months, but no one was out threatening a mass boycott, and making threats to “bring down CBS” these aren’t fans, they are a bunch of immature crybabies who think that there is some mass plot to get rid of their favorite. These idiots really think Braeden conspired with Hunter to set him up because he’s a good actor. lol

            I’m also fully aware of all the details pertaining to this story, and the person who claimed Muhney was respectful was a former cast mate from Veronica Mars, another show the he was fired from for “alleged” bad behavior. With that being said, you must forgive me if I don’t buy in the notion that because no one else has come forward that must mean it’s untrue. The man seems to has a history of douchy behavior, perhaps this time he did cross the line.

            And I’m sorry I just don’t buy this whole reminded thing. There is no hard evidence that CBS released this story to the media, so he shouldn’t be in breach of any gag order if he stated the allegations were untrue. He could write on his Twitter “NOT TRUE” and still he wouldn’t be in violation of any lawsuits. I imagine either there is some truth to it, or he’s trying to hold out for some type of payday, which wouldn’t be surprising.

          • linda knisley

            For the love of God – THIS IS CAPS LOCK, WHEN THE WHOLE SENTENCE IS TYPED IN CAPITAL LETTERS. THIS is capitalizing a word for EMPHASIS. Please learn the difference. Lying and delusional are two separate things. Please learn the difference between those things as well. Where am I “lying”? You really should STOP the name-calling. It makes your argument weak at best.

            Nowhere did I state that CBS released the story. I CLEARLY stated that a “FAN” reported the rumor on a message board, it got repeated on several different web sites, then TMZ picked it up and ran with it, with no substantiation.

            What is it with you and the constant “fans of Michael” mantra you are reciting? Do you REALLY believe that the people who are on the warpath are ONLY fans of Michael? You don’t get it – the show has fans who are not necessarily fans of Michael, and they, too, are on the warpath because Michael being discharged is the final straw in the mess that has become this show over the past few years. One is not inclusive NOR exclusive of the other.

            IF he did actually grope Ms. King, then he SHOULD have been fired, and good riddance, however, there are too many things that don’t add up. In Michael’s exit interview, (commonly permitted unless the firing was for something egregious) he indicated he was responsible for his discharge, that his “backpack full of hubris” was s problem. Eric Braeden’s interview indicated the same thing – Michael’s hubris caused the two of them to get into confrontations, arguments and nearly into a physical altercation. Why would Eric come out and say that Michael’s arrogance got him fired (which is exactly what Michael said) if it weren’t accurate? Eric has taken a ton of heat for what he wrote, so I highly doubt he was lying, particularly since his remarks are similar to what Michael (with whom he obviously doesn’t get along) said.

            Why is the Ben Franklin quote “cryptic”? Is it difficult for you to understand? ‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see’

            Your dislike of Michael is coming through loud and clear – you blame him for not speaking out on the reasons he was fired when he has ALREADY DONE SO in the exit interview. You blame him for not directly refuting the allegations of sexual harassment, yet CBS and Sony have already addressed those allegations in this statement “We do not comment on RUMORS”

            Your argument here makes no sense:

            YOU SAID: “There is also no hard evidence that CBS released this story to the media, so he shouldn’t be in breach of any gag order if he stated the allegations were untrue.”

            Here’s why:
            1. CBS did not violate the gag order, as they did not release the allegations to the press.
            2. CBS refuted the allegations as RUMOR
            3. Even if CBS HAD released the allegations, that IN NO WAY means that Michael is LEGALLY permitted to violate the gag order.

            Do you really think that if one party violates an agreement, the other party is “allowed” to violate the agreement as well? Sorry, but that is not the way the law works.

          • Bexx

            So I’m wrong that you didn’t say Braeden stated in his interview that the reason Muhney got fired was because of their backstage fighting,? Which if you go back and read the original interview with Braeden, he made it very clear that he had nothing to do with him being fired. Did you not claim that I am ignoring “direct” quotes from Braeden, yet you are the one who seems to be confused about his actual quotes.

            And maybe you should learn the definition of caps lock, not the urban dictionary online version. Using caps lock changes a lower case letter to uppercase, which is what you have been doing. Plus, there is no need to capitalize words for emphasis, unless maybe you’re writing to a child, or expressing volume. It’s just ignorant. You do not need use capitalized words to reinforce it’s meaning. Perhaps you don’t even believe them yourself.

            Where did I ever say the you claimed CBS released the story? I did not.

            The people on a warpath spewing the much hatred are in fact fans of Muhney’s. Why wasn’t there this sort of outrage when Stafford, and Miller left?

            The final straw for whom? If they aren’t fans of Muhney’s, then they should care less if he’s gone. People were always angry about the direction of the show, but that heighten level of ignorance begun when lunatic fans decided to take it to another level. Why on earth would anyone at CBS listen to them now, when they are out carrying on about taking down, and threatening to have Y&R cancelled? People like that you pray for them to disappear, not encourage them. The 31st cannot arrive soon enough.

            It was a play of words to further incite his little fans. All that quote said was that some things may, or may not be true, but which part is truthful, or false I cannot, or will not say.

            Again, I’m not disputing that Muhney being an ass onset is part of the reason he was fired.

            Again, Braeden makes no mention of the allegations, as he stated “he doesn’t even know the girl” in reference to Hunter. Still strange that he and Muhney had a long history of disputes over the years, yet only now does CBS decide to fire him with three day notice? Even though Muhney said himself that the past feuds with Braeden were history.

            I don’t blame him for not speaking out more about his firing, he’s already given his exit interview. People can chose to believe him or not, their business. We’re all aware now that he is the only one to blame. Something his fans cannot seem to come to terms with.

            They are the ones that are out blaming everyone else, CBS, Sony, Hunter, Braeden. His fans want everyone to stop talking about it, yet they continue to wage war on the actors causing more turmoil and stress on the set. He’s made no mention of the allegations, so he shouldn’t act surprised if people believe them, or speculate on the matter. Again, their business.

            My point was that if this is a nothing more than a rumor, and there is no evidence that it was started by CBS, or released to the press by them, how could he be in breach of a gag order for commenting on a rumor that you yourself stated has already been refuted by CBS? How could he give such a detailed interview to the press regarding every aspect of Y&R’s business, from his firing, to Adam’s future, yet cannot openly clear his name? I’m guessing he plans to quit acting?

            It’s hard to believe that if a rumor started that he killed a camera guy at Y&R, he would be unable to say “not true” ? Then again, you are the one who seems to know employment laws.

            He was an ass when he was on the show, and he openly commented on cast mates who got fired, too bad this supposed gag order wasn’t in place then.

          • linda knisley

            Urban dictionary? LMAO! That explains everything!

            Perhaps YOU should learn the difference between CAPS LOCK (which would capitalize every letter in a sentence and would be considered shouting) and using the CAPS and the SHIFT key to emphasize a word or phrase. You are absolutely free to refrain from reading what I wrote if you don’t like how I’ve written it. I certainly will NOT change my manner of writing to please you.

            Yes, as a matter of fact I DO know employment laws. Obviously, you do not.

            For the love of God, you still don’t GET it! It does not matter whether CBS released the RUMOR to the press of not – If they did, they are on violation of the gag order. PERIOD. That does NOT give Michael permission to violate the gag order in retaliation!!!Let me make it clear to you. After the exit interview, ANYTHING Michael says about CBS, Sony or Y&R is a violation of the gag order.

            Do you have any concept of that, or are you not able to grasp the fact that one party violating a contract in no way means the other party can ALSO violate the contract? For the love of God, it’s not rocket science!

            What does it take to get you to comprehend what you read? If you took the time to let what I wrote sink in, you would realize that every person who is protesting is NOT necessarily a fan of Michael Muhney. SOME of the fans are simply fans of Y&R and they are fed up with what has been happening over the past few years.

            1. They are ticked off because Maria Arena Bell was replaced with Jill Farren Phelps, who is KNOWN for her stupid and convoluted storylines and for driving soap operas into the ground to the point they are canceled.

            2. They are ticked off because JFP brought in her little golden boy, Steve Burton and created a pointless storyline inserting him front and center into the Newman family. Another signature move, to create roles front and center for her “friends” and favorites.

            3. They are heartbroken over losing Jeanne Cooper (who was notorious for sexually harassing male costars with no fear of punishment), God rest her soul.

            4. They are ticked off because of Michelle Stafford leaving the show – because her character was ruined over the last year or so.

            5. They are ticked off because Billy Miller’s contract wasn’t renewed (by his choice) because h wanted some additional time off built into his contract to participate in other venues such as night time TV. Would have kept a fan favorite in place and would have saved Sony some money. Funny that other actors are permitted a certain amount of time off in order to participate in outside/evening projects.

            6. They are ticked off because of the Delia storyline and the senseless killing of an innocent child. NOT the idea of entertainment or character driven drama that is what the vision of Bill Bell was when he created the show.

            7. They are ticked off because Victor is becoming even MORE of a pompous ass than he was before.

            8. The final straw is the firing of Michael Muhney.

            DO you GET that it is not ONE THING that has the fan base ticked off and on the warpath, it is the culmination of all of the things listed above and MORE? You are so fixated on your personal dislike of Michael Muhney that you see that point and you refuse to see the rest.

          • Bexx

            Because knowing about various online website is suppose to explain something? Sorry, I don’t get the joke.

            So, in other words, you choose to remain ignorant? Perhaps, you should write children’s books, or poetry where your writing style would be much more appreciated.

            This is why I call you delusional, and a liar. You have the the keen ability to take what is written in front of you and twist it into lies, which is exactly what you did with Braeden’s words.

            Why would I know the in-and-outs of employment law? And where did I indicate any differently?

            You presume that because other corporations have gag orders for their fired employees that Muhney has one against him with CBS, yet you cannot validate that, other than if you choose to believe Radar’s source. You’re speaking in general terms, not specifics. Shouldn’t you know the difference, with all your knowledge of law?

            Why was he free to give an exit interview? I’m to believe that the interview he gave was approved? CBS wouldn’t be that stupid, they had to know him carrying on all shocked, and sadden would upset his fans. Also, do you know the terms of his gag order, which specifically states that he was allowed to discuss CBS only once with Branco, and then he had to go silent, or are you just assuming, like everyone else? First you claimed he didn’t mention his cast mates in his interview which was a lie, then you claimed he has this iron clad gag order against him, but now…it’s oh, he was only allowed to give one interview? Oy!

            Please don’t mention “comprehension” when you take simple quotes, and twist it around in in an attempt to validate your argument. Some might even call that lying, but you seem to dislike being called a liar, I digress.

            What does it take for you to actually read what’s written? How many times do I have to say that the “most” hostile fans are Muhney supporters. I could care less about the people angry over the storylines, that’s another matter. My issue is with pack of sheep that won’t stop harassing the cast members, making death threats, and promising to take down Y&R. Almost every single angry comment I read from these ‘fans’ start or end with support for Muhney. There is hardly any mention about another else, unless it’s to blame them for Muhney being fired. These ‘fans’ aren’t pissed over the series of event, it all boils down to the treatment of their favorite.

            Who care’s if I dislike Muhney? I’m well within my right, why does his fan feel the need to be some crusader for a married, 38 year old man? Imagine if they actually put their energy into doing something worth wild instead of shouting TEAM MUHNEY!

          • Fred

            Bexx, you are a bully.

          • Bexx

            I’m no bully, but I am sorry if you felt that I was bullying you. You actually seem like a decent person, a little misguided in your loyalty to Muhney, but nevertheless still decent. I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone.

          • soapstix

            Why people have to throw in the “caps lock” or police anyone’s way of posting is something I don’t understand. Just had to say it.

          • Joy Margetts

            Thank you for pointing out the definition of cap locks. I’ve scrolled through messages a couple of times trying to find out who the writer was complaining about and couldn’t find his/her problem.

          • Hannah

            Thank you Linda.

            I have watched Y&R for 28 years and I was considering stopping it long before Muhney, Miller, or any other controversial situation occurred simply because of Jill Farren Phelps taking over as executive producer. I was well aware of her reputation in the soap industry and I thought it was a slap to the face of the fans of Y&R that they would even consider hiring this woman after all of damage she has done to other soaps over the years. Immediately actors were fired or being replaced with people from some other show she produced and I had a hard time staying interested.

            The writing has become long, drawn out, and just plain terrible, but I stuck with the show only because of Michael Muhney, Michelle Stafford, and Billy Miller even though I wasn’t particularly happy with the storylines they were involved in either. I think they are phenomenal actors who take any material they are given and make the best of it, but at some point they were not enough and my interest started to wane even further.

            Michelle and Billy choosing to leave and then the subsequent firing of Muhney only exacerbated my already negative feelings towards this soap. I do not have interest in spending my time watching a show with an ensemble cast if I no longer enjoy the entire product. Fans are not going to see their favorite actors every day, or in some cases every week so if you are a soap fan you are better served if you are able to invest in all of the storylines and enjoy it for more than just one or two particular actors.

            In this case, I definitely believe that the firing of Michael Muhney only set off a firestorm because fans were already unhappy with the direction the show had taken.

      • Anne Alvarez

        Not sure what corporations place gag orders when FIRED? But I do know when the issue is heading to court GAG orders are put in place until litigation takes place and then if the case is settled there may be a gag order that comes along with the settlement.

        • linda knisley

          Almost ALL of them, when an employee is fired with cause.

          • Bexx

            Then he should really stop talking to sources on that very personal matter that we’re to believe is untrue.

  • edwina lee

    I would very much hope that he innocent, but if he is not than he deserves our approbation. However, if he is an innocent man, perhaps we might remember that, in actuality, that he had nothing to hide.

  • MM biggest fan in Maricopa

    I am certain he is innocent it is obvious that the girl developed feelings for him, a crush, and when he let her know he was not interested this is her retaliation why fire him and not both of them ? No witnesses why blindly take the word of this kid ? If there was going to be a termination it needed to be both. I wish him all the best and as for her, she is a lying little girl who can’t act i hope her career in soaps fails misetably

  • Soapstix

    All I have to say is Eric Braeden thinks he is king, and I cannot stant to watch him, as Victore “YOUGOTTHAT” Newman. I cringe, when I see him come on my TV. He has turned into the constant bully, and even Nicki cannot influence him. He just goes behind her back. Victor is creepy, and Braeden needs to go away somewhere and not open his mouth about anything. I am sure he must think he is king, but I can do without him. Oh, and if Young and Restless doesn’t stop loosing good actors, they will be off air soon. Michelle Stafford , Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and who know who will be gone next

  • Sandra Burleson

    One more week. Braeden, Scott-Thomas, and all the other self serving, arrogant people on this show can count me gone. “YOUGOTTHAT, OKAY?” I wonder, re: Braeden, if he behaved this way when he was Hans Guedast.