Guy Wilson Officially Makes His ‘DAYS’ Debut! What Did You Think?

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Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Ever since the news broke last September that would be replacing as “” beloved character, Will Horton, many fans have been chomping at the bit to see the actor’s take on the important role. Well, the wait is finally over, as Wilson made his debut as Sami’s () son today!

As we previously reported, Massey’s exit off the canvas followed by Wilson’s entrance into Salem was rather quick: Massey was last seen in the role less than a week ago. The show’s actors seemed to take the switch in stride, connecting with the nuWill rather seamlessly. But what about the fans? Were you all able to embrace the new face of Sonny’s () lover? Tell us what you thought below!

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios
  • BC59

    NuWill seemed a tad mechanical and not as natural as Chandler in the role, but it was his first day, so we’ll see how he progresses. I’ll probably always miss Chandler Massey in the role however. He made Will so real and was so great with Freddy as Sonny. In any event, good luck to Guy Wilson in the role.

    • TheresaHarvie

      I agree..Chandler was more natural in the role!

  • kayhan

    I thought he did a great job for his debut. I am sure he will feel more comfortable in the role as time goes on. I am sure it was hard for him at first joining a cast that has been together for a long time and Guy being “the new kid” but he seemed to just jump right in. I am looking forward to seeing more of him as he settles into the role of Will.

  • Boilermom

    He did a wonderful job and I loved how he handled EJ! His script was not real detailed but I look forward for much more to come.

  • DaysofMe

    The old Will was better sure he is a great actor but NOT as Will! This have to change!

  • Sandra Ince

    Nope didn’t like him stilted acting zero chemistry with Freddie. Awful.

  • daysfan

    he is hot I like him

  • Andrew Hass

    For his first episode i think Guy did okay.In a few weeks we may have a more clear picture of how he’s doing.Plus i want to see how he does in the more dramatic scenes.Plus i’m not expecting him to have the same kind of chemistry with Freddie that Chandler did.So i think we should wait to really judge him.

  • WillSonnyFan

    I’m missing Chandler so much and would have loved to see him together with Freddie for a very long time to come.

    But exactly because I love the WilSon story, I wish Guy Wilson all the best. I actually liked his first appearance and believe he will make this role his own, although Chandler as Will remains in my heart forever!

  • KA12

    He did a great job for His first scene, Yes he seems Distance, I think after a couple of episodes he wont be, I enjoyed his acting/ he voice, and the hug between Will and Sonny was great, I think there is chemistry there and I am excited to see it grow between them!! Yes Chandler will be missed!!! But do give Guy a chance, cause I love the Wilson story line and glad that Dools didn’t take it out!! Guy and Freddie will be amazing as the show goes on, and I see Guy more and more and see his Personality come out and put a spin with “Will” Love to see “Will” look a little Older, Good luck to Guy and hope he stick around a long time as well as the Wilson story line

  • Alex

    Will and Sonny rock and I believe Guy Wilson was an excellent choice after Chandler Massey decided to leave.

    I’m really looking forward to as many well-written front burner storylines for Will and
    Sonny as possible, because whenever that happened last year, they gave
    DAYS a big boost in the ratings!!

    WilSon power!!

  • Billy Vick

    I was hoping they would hire TREVOR DONOVAN for the role as he is blond, the same height, more near FREDDIE’S age, AND THEY ACTUALLY have acted togther as a gay couple, so it would have been perfect. Their former chemistry was fantastic as it would have been on DAYS. I’m feel GUY WILSON looks like underaged jail-bait to me. Too baby-faced and too young looking compared to FREDDIE. Almost creepy.

  • Alan Zimmerman

    He just isn’t talented. And he is too old to play a 21 yr old.