SOAPnet Ends Broadcast Run With ‘General Hospital’ And ABC/ABC Family Commercials


After nearly 14 years on the air, ended its broadcast run at the stroke of midnight with the final 2013 episode of ABC’s “” (originally aired on Monday, December 30) taking it out in style.

During its final hour of broadcasting, viewers were treated to endless commercials promoting ABC and ABC Family programming, including “General Hospital,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” and “.”

For those veiwers looking to tune into the midnight broadcast of “,” they were treated to a message from their cable and/or satellite provider that read, “Disney discontinued their SOAPnet broadcast. The SOAPnet channel is no longer available from any television provider.”

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In dedication to its loyal viewers, the channel scrolled the below message during its final broadcast days and published it recently on its Facebook page, which currently remains active. is now redirecting all traffic to’s official “General Hospital” website, which explains the situation for those still unaware.


We at Soap Opera Network would like to take this opportunity to thank SOAPnet for its countless hours of soapy drama goodness, its passion and dedication to the soap opera industry, and its ability to provide a new generation of fans with marathons of classic episodes of “,” “,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” “,” “,” “Ryan’s Hope,” and “,” among many others. Without SOAPnet, who knows where the soap opera world would be today.

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To all those behind the scenes that made it happen, we salute you…we thank you!

  • Strachan Pindar

    “Without SOAPnet, who knows where the soap opera world would be today.”
    Well, it’s certainly not helping the soap opera world by going off the air. Damn. Thanks a bunch, Disney.

  • Chijohn428

    The soaps would had been cancelled earlier I guess without Soapnet.

    • James

      TVGN is taking the reins though by acquiring same day rebroadcasts of Y&R and B&B. Hopefully, the rest will follow suit.

  • AdvertiserAlert

    So Disney/ABC just keep doing what they can best: treating the daytime genre that draws by far the best ratings in the key sales demos, i. e. millions of soap viewers, like crap.

  • Bexx

    Good riddance.

  • Mia Sanchez

    terrible that soapnet is ending, hopefully another station will pick up days of our lives and general hospital, so we can watch them at nite!!!!

  • Mia Sanchez

    please tvgn pick up days of our lives and general hospital

  • Roxanna

    Loved watching the old shows of General Hospital and miss them greatly. I loved catching up at 7 and 9 pm if my show was inturupted and I missed General Hospital or it didn’t tape. Please bring me back my soapnet and General Hospital. I would watch 3 hrs. a day and enjoyed every minute.

  • JustMe

    I have watched the Soapnet since it came on the air. I love the weekend reruns of 90201, One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars. This is such a disappointment!!!!

  • Traci

    I hope another network picks up the reruns of Brothers & Sisters… I tape the marathons every Sunday morning!! This is really disappointing!

  • Brandy Poe

    please bring back amc reruns still enjoy watching

  • Brandy Poe

    thats messed up cant watch even the reruns now they need to make dvds of all the amc i am sure everyone would buy them

  • Earl1955

    Why is the writer going this direction this is a new low, now you are going to put black people down harder than you could ever image.I am glad I hate… MAYA and I am BLACK and you won’t get get any more job dummy