‘DAYS’ & ‘OLTL’ Go Head to Head in Soap Opera Showdown!

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Earlier this week announced a tournament to determine the greatest soap opera of all time. According to Parade, “We need your help to crown the greatest daytime drama ever with a four-round tournament.” In this “Soap Opera Showdown,” fans are able to vote for their favorite soap to advance to the next round.

The contest began on Sunday, which saw “” advance over “The Doctors,” “” advance over “,” “” advance over “Search for Tomorrow,” “As the World Turns” advance over “,” “” advance over “The Secret Storm,” “Days of Our Lives” advance over “Love of Life,” “Guiding Light” advance over “The Edge of Night,” and “Ryan’s Hope” advance over “Another World.”

On Monday, the second round began, and “AMC” overcame “GH,” “OLTL” beat out “ATWT,” “DOOL” defeated “B&B,” and “GL” advanced over “RH.”

In the semi-finals on Tuesday, “OLTL” and “DOOL” went to the finals, defeating “AMC” and “GL” respectively.

Until 11:59 PM ET tonight (Wednesday), fans can vote between “One Life” and “Days” to determine which is the greatest soap opera of all time. Will the canceled ABC soap defeat the NBC daytime drama? Or will the “DOOL” fans prove to be greater in number than the “One Life” fans? The results will be announced tomorrow morning.

To vote on Parade’s website, click here.

  • sands of time

    DAYS is hotter than hell!!! Eileen Davidson is coming back to DAYS!!!

  • Louisa

    Vote OLTL and send ABC a message. No more talk shows! We love our soaps!

  • PatF

    The problem with this poll, however, is that anyone could vote several hundred times a day, especially to “vote out” the popular shows in their bracket. I heard GH fans doing this with YR on Sunday, and then the Days fans did so to GH on Monday (via Twitter). Yes, it shows fans being passionate, but it ruins the outcome. And the finale shows that. If OLTL were really that popular, it’d still be around. Lastly today, Parade seems to have restricted the voting, so now no one will really know what fan base really wins. Too bad because it could have been fun for all fans.

    • Louisa

      OLTL was very popular. Why do you think they moved the EP, writers and actors to GH? I watch both shows. OLTL went out on top and should not have been cancelled.

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    No contest, One Life To Live.

  • Mattsmama

    I’ve liked/watched both for decades. I think OLTL wins my vote though. They had my all-time favorite moment…. When Blair (played by Kassie DePaiva) had a memory ~ which they showed in flashbacks ~ of a moment in her past when she (played by Mia Korf) was married to Asa. Then she pulled out her mirror from her purse to look at her face, as if to say, wait, is that what I look like?!? Loved the nod to the real life fact that she was a recast! Only in daytime and only on OLTL.

  • Sharon B


  • Ken Patterson

    One Live to Live, Bring it back to ABC, pick up from where the left off when the cancelled it on ABC.

  • jazzyg

    .I ask why the polls ? If they’re not bringing it back what’s the sense of rehashing the past?. I do not watch anything on ABC afternoon line -up….Why not take a page from what’s happen ? There’s no Revolution, Anderson Cooper, nor Kathie..Hopefully Queen Latifah and The Chew will follow the same fate…..Just bring back our soaps

  • Bexx

    ABC fanatics have been long known to use questionable methods to sway the polls in their favor. Who cares about a dead and buried soap opera? At least stick to legitimate soaps that are still on the air.