‘Y&R’ Listed In Top 10 Most Searched TV Programs of 2013


Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

The numbers have been tallied, and “” has made the list of the top 10 most searched for TV programs of 2013!

According to a Yahoo! rating, the sudser (which is the only daytime program to make the list) comes in at number five on the list of most searched shows on the Internet. And it’s among some pretty spectacular shows! Also on the list: “American Idol,” (which took the top spot), “Dancing With the Stars,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” and “.”

Congratulations, “Y&R!”

  • Brittany

    Rather than celebrate this news Y&R should be very worried! The ONLY reason it made the You Tube list is because rather than watch that train wreck, viewers were rewatching over and over Vids and MVids of their favourite clips from days gone by. Had it not been for fanbases longing for better Story from Y&R, you wouldn’t have had any material for this article! In other words, JFP’s shitake is soooo bad it drove viewers to You Tube so take note Angie Mc and Sony Steves!

  • Paula

    The reason Y & R made this list was because fans were searching for a believable explanation as to why their favorite actor, Michael Muhney, was fired and looking for support in trying to get him back. This show has turned into a train wreck and many fans plan to jump track after Muhney’s final scenes are aired on January 30.

    • Fox

      uhhh … Y&R made the list last year in 2012 as well. It was No. 3 that year, so it actually dropped two places. And in 2012, both Days and GH were also on the list at No. 5 and No. 8, respectively. Those two didn’t make the Top Ten this year. And really, none of this means very much, comparably, since they don’t provide the actual search totals.

  • Donna Grathwohl

    Watched because of Adam, please rehire him

  • Lisa Skoczylas

    The only reason it made the list is because of the outrage over the firing of Michael Muhney! If Michael is not rehired as Adam Newman on The Young & Restless thousands of fans are going to jump ship! There is a nation wide boycott of Y&R, CBS and their sponsors beginning Jan 31st. Hope Y&R can take a note from A&E and show the fans the same loyalty we have shown them for decades and avoid the impend doom that is coming their way!

  • Laura go

    Trending due to the inexplicable firing of fan favorite, Michael Muhney as Adam Newman! Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were the future of the Y&R. With those talented actors gone, fans are also gone. #savemuhney.

  • Betty Stanley

    It is a shame they only made the list because of all the negativity of the Firing of Michel Muhney. All his fans are just devastated that Y&R fired him, He makes Y&R. Without him and Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford, and the crappy storylines they will make headline news about a cancellation. We have begged CBS to give us back Michel Muhney. No, they are going to recast the best actor on the show. Does that make sense? Billy Miller wanted to stay if they would work with him and let him do other projects, they refused. Does that make sense? They always worked with him before. Fans of Michael Muhney have declared January 30th Michel Muhney Day. We will no longer watch Young and Restless and we will boycott all their sponsors. We are also switching networks if Michael is no hired back. Please CBS A&E gave their fans back Phil Robinson, now it is your turn to give us back our Michael Muhney as Adam Newman.

    • Elizabeth Waddell

      yes you are right we want Michael back as adam and Billy Miller back as Billy…I have watched for 20 years everyday..don’t I get a vote…for being loyal and faithful…My vote is give the fans the desire of their hearts….!