‘Y&R’ and ‘GH’ Stars Address Michael Muhney Firing Rumors

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Sean Smith/JPI
Sean Smith/JPI

Once the news hit that “’” had been let go from the CBS soap, rumors began circling that his co-star, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), not only could have had a hand in Muhney’s fate, but also that he influenced ’s (Ava Jerome, “;” ex-Diane Jenkins, “Y&R”) exit from the soap, as well! Upon hearing the news, both Braeden and West took to Twitter to set the rumors straight.

“Implying I had [something] to do with MWest’s departure is libelous!” tweeted the Newman patriarch’s portrayer. “Of course I am [upset]. Wouldn’t you be if some slimeballs make statements that reflect not an iota of reality?”

“Absolutely not!” West wrote about Braeden having something to do with her leaving “Y&R.” “Not in any way, shape or form. Have no idea why my name is involved in any of it.”

Hoping to put an end to the drama once and for all, Braeden followed up his initial tweets on the matter with the statement that the “tumultuous week” is now behind us.

Here’s hoping!

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  • Paula

    Michael Muhney leaving Y & R is the worst thing that could happen for the show. I don’t know what his relationship with Eric Braeden really is, but I’m sure they could coexist and use that emotion in their scenes together. That would be a win-win for all.

    • jade

      EB can’t handle another actor outshine him in a scene! MM was the future of Y&R…..

  • Tyler

    Sometimes an actor is just too talented to be on a soap and needs/deserves better opportunities to shine… Hopefully Muhney can find a prime time TV or movie role to propel his career

  • Jamie

    Why did Muhney get let go? He was my favorite actor on the show, if it wasn’t Eric responsibility for him getting fired then what is the reason? My family and I have been watching this show for 42 yrs and we may stop watching it because of this move. However, maybe Yr was holding Muhney back for bigger and better things! So most likely will be going to prison for the accidental death of Delia. Don’t replace him would be a dumb move! So Billy is leaving, Adam, Phyliss and Catherine, with all that talent taken away why keep watching?

  • Adios Muhney

    He’s jobless just as he should be. Learn to keep his hands to himself!

    • jade

      WOW gullible much? If you’d been paying attention you would have noticed both MM & HHK were used as pawns in a game from TPTB!!

  • pudman56

    No Michelle Stafford, no Billy Miller, and now no Michael Muhney? Why am I supposed to watch anymore? Too see Sharon and Nick reunite for more times than his parents did?

    • jade

      BORING thanks to JFP!!!

  • texasbred

    Steve Burton should go back to General Hospital. He is great as Jason in GH. He is not a good cast as Dylan. Really stinks as Dylan, i hate to say. Adam Newman cannot be replaced by another actor because Michael Muhney made the character. I hated Adam at first like everyone else but now i stop what i am doing to watch him love him , Chelsea and Conner, they are great together. I was looking forward to so many more storylines. CBS and Jill Phelps can make it up to FANS by letting M. Muhney, Billy Miller, M. Stafford come back even if its later. Mr. Braeden should get along with others and understand that fans love him and also M. Muhney, B. Miller, M. Stafford. Fans do not want them gone!!

    • jade

      EB doesn’t know how to get along with other cast mates unless they kiss his ‘butt’ otherwise he’s all over them. He’s getting too old & forgetful which is why co stars are fed up with his improvising.
      JFP let the wrong people go MM, BM, MS were the future of the show….. The Queen of Soap killers is off to kill Y&R, she’s already doing it now!!

  • jade

    I can not wait to continue watch the ratings SINK on Y&R while other shows climb!! They can’t even write a decent s/l in over a year!! Michael Muhney is better off moving on to better things & hopefully GH will scoop him before someone else does. He’s worth it!!