Thorsten Kaye on PP’s AMC/OLTL: ‘Both of Those Shows Failed For Reasons Unrelated To Their Quality’

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

In a newly released interview with Soap Opera Digest columnist and “” blogger, , “’s” opens up about his role as Ridge Forrester on the CBS Daytime soap, but it’s his comments on Prospect Parks’ version of “” and “” that has all eyes open.

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Talking about the end of “AMC” 2.0, Kaye says: “I am disappointed with the way it ended. I thought it was working out well. We had a great team of people, great production values, and a great cast that was willing to do anything. I don’t understand why it didn’t come together. I wonder if knew what a good loyal cast they had on both shows – how committed people like [Bob] Woods and all these guys were.” When asked if he was surprised about the way the show ended, he said, “Yeah, I was. Because the studio was open and the sets were up. Everything was in place. I would have thought if they were going to pull the plug they would have done it before. I’m not a businessman. I’m sure there were a lot of things going on with investors. But I’ll tell you this: Both of those shows failed for reasons unrelated to their quality.”

As for how everyone seems to be handling things, Kaye says: “I feel bad for Agnes. You know I love older women. I don’t mean that in a weird way, I mean women like Eileen Herlie [Myrtle, AMC], Dorothy Bridges, and Agnes Nixon. There’s a line from Cyrano de Bergerac which is one of my favorite plays. Roxane finds out she has lost Christian, and later on Cyrano dies. She says, ‘I have loved one man all my life and now I’ve lost him twice.’ That’s how people feel about ‘AMC,’ especially Agnes. We all mourned the loss of the show, then it was “No it’s still alive!” and then five months later it’s the same s—again. It’s not fair. If they couldn’t do it right they should have left it alone. It’s a business to the people who make money, but for the people involved as artists – like Agnes – it’s the way their hearts work. And their hearts are broken.”

For more on what Kaye had to say about his turn on “B&B,” among other things, click here.

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  • MommyDearest51

    Interesting that Thorsten doesn’t bring ABC into the formula at all! ABC canceled the shows, then they sabotaged PP’s attempt to revive them. Too many people are blaming PP for the krap ABC caused. I hope all is finally revealed once the lawsuit gets to court and everyone sees the duplicitous, conniving, and under-handed way ABC dealt with PP. ABC execs acted with malice and I hope they are made to pay.

    • Philip

      He doesn’t exactly let Prospect Park off the hook either:

      “It’s not fair. If they couldn’t do it right they should have left it alone.”

      And I agree with him. If Prospect Park didn’t know for sure that they could pull this off they should have never done it. And if they were having trouble with the financing they should have definitely never strung the cast along like they did. That was irresponsible. The cast deserved more.

    • Andrew Hass

      I’m not on ABC’s side on them cancelling the soaps but they didn’t force Prospect Park to do certain things in how they tried to revive the soaps.As for that lawsuit ABC doesn’t have to prove they did anything wrong.PP has to prove that ABC did some underhanded things.Plus ABC can drag the lawsuit out over a long time.Plus i think most people already have a bad view about ABC.So even if they lose the lawsuit people may still not like them.Plus if this goes to court ABC can drag anything PP did out in the open too.As for Thorsten kaye he’s free to say anything he wants and when ABC cancelled AMC in 2011 he may have said something back then about it but this now is about Prospect Park and not ABC.

  • Bexx

    If failed because ABC ‘fans’ are feeble-minded individuals, they are always threatening to tune out if they don’t get their couple. You can’t expect so called fans like that to stay focused on one thing for long.

  • Jay

    If Prospect Park didn’t know for sure that they could pull this off they should have never done it>>> Here’s the issue. You can’t know for sure if it will work out before the inception. That’s the issue with television and movies. Despite how the product may look great on paper and produced as effectively as possible, the response may not be overwhelming (think “The Shawshank Redemption”. Beautiful film, yet didn’t make as much money at the box office. It did however earn a lot in 1995 due to rentals. So technically it can be argued “they never should have done it” if the studio either lost money or gained very little in the end).

    I think PP did the best they could with the recent business climate and at least were not intrusive on creative control, like ABC/Frons was. I fault their lawsuit (even if they had a legitimate case, it’s wise to pick your battles. An upstart company filing a suit for a HUGE amount isn’t wise) as the reason emanating on AMC, OLTL’s demise.

    Whatever the case may be, we should not be going on ad nauseum in regards to who’s to blame for the shows’ collapse as it won’t bring them back. We should celebrate the return they got, albeit limited, and realize that Prospect Park did in about five months what ABC failed to do for many years after Disney acquired the lineup (along with the soaps): produce consistent, quality television. Why did this happen? Simple: you let the experts do their job and only step in if things are flopping onscreen. Just provide GENERAL critiques during story planning meetings but don’t take over the process (as Frons did. Other ABC Presidents didn’t tell the writers what stories to provide, how to get from point A to point Z, etc…even under the first five or so years of Disney’s ownership).