In a newly released preview for the next all new episode of CBS’ “,” the first of 2014, Lauren () is seen waking up from a good night sleep only to find Carmine () in bed next to her, but is it really him or just a dream? Or in Lauren’s case, a nightmare?

While it’s yet to be seen what it all means, if anything, it’s great to see Dapper back on screen after the series opted for a WTF moment in 2013 by turning his character into a psychopath, who ended up trying to rape Lauren despite previously engaging in an extramarital affair with her.

Tune into “Y&R” on Thursday, January 2 to see what’s next in the “murder mystery” of Carmine Basco.

  • Bexx

    I hope he’s dead, but why the hell are the writers moving backwards. Give us loyal fans some fresh stories, not more of the same.

  • Lee Roberts

    Same old, same old!!!