‘General Hospital’ Preempted Today, 12/20 Due to White House Press Conference; Updated Airing Schedule



White House

Due to a White House press conference, ABC’s “” will be preempted today, December 20, 2013. As a result, episodes will be pushed back and today’s previously scheduled original will instead air on Monday, December 23. In a statement, ABC says, “We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you’ll tune in Monday for a fantastic episode!”

Despite the push back, “GH” will still air a rebroadcast of the December 2, 2013 episode on Tuesday, December 24. The show will be preempted again on Christmas Day (Wednesday, December 25), while new episodes are still scheduled to air on Thursday, December 26 and Friday, December 27. The soap won’t sync up with its original airing schedule for a number of weeks.

  • Patty Carnell

    abc You don’t give a damm about your viewers, why doesn’t the President speak in the evening when people who care are home.

    • zivathepug

      What people would that be? Unless he’s coming on to say he resigns, he should just stay off our screens!

    • Glenn

      He holds a position of ceremony rather than actually do anything which is why he needs his 5 minutes of fame and sadly ABC lets this happen.

  • Only watch GH on ABC

    Why don’t they preempt other shows like “The Chew” and air GH in that time slot?

    GH draws the best ratings of their lineup by far.

    But they don’t even show it on their homepage among so-called “trending shows” that they try to pimp there.

    All the execs that are responsible for these wrong decisions including killing AMC and OLTL instead of turning things around like GH did should finally get fired!!!