FUNNY BUSINESS: Does Blatant Comedy Have a Place In Soaps?

Marina Chavez/SOAPnet
Marina Chavez/SOAPnet

(Sharon Newman, “Y&R”): “Comedy is very important! It’s not appropriate in every moment, but it’s very important that it’s infused into the show at certain times, because nobody is ever constantly down at all times. And sometimes, in the most dramatic moments, you make fun of yourself, or it’s something so bad, you laugh, and you make a comedy out of it. We do that in real life, and it’s important to our characters to do that on occasion.”

  • Lisa Skoczylas

    o the right thing and We want Michael Muhney back on Y&R as Adam Newman! I will no longer watch after Jan 31st 2014. Do the right thing and bring Michael Muhney back and save Y&R from impending doom! Nation wide boycott of Y&R, CBS and their sponsors begin Jan 31st

    • deb_gib

      Why wait a month, boycott Y&R now !

  • Paula

    Comedy is actually very important and the lack of it lately on Y & R is just one of the reasons I am tuning out. I am also very upset that Michael Muhney has been fired. He is my favorite actor on the show and I plan to stop watching when his scenes are done.

  • Pattie Estep

    I haven’t watched since Michael was fired and will never watch again if he don’t come back.

  • CatieR

    Since Y&R fired AdamNewman, I no longer care or want to watch!!!!

    • Carmen Margarita Figueroa Cuad

      Agreed! I Stopped watching. :=*(

  • Laura go

    Please reinstate Michael Muhney as Adam Newman! He is the core of the Y&R and who fans tune in for. But no longer!

  • Shannon Kahn- Magid

    The final nail in the coffin for Day Time since Michael Muhney was fired!!

  • Cathy Thomasson

    I agree, Michael Muhney as the ONLY Adam Newman, brought every aspect of excellent acting, including comedy, to Y&R. Loved his scenes with little “Peanut” Connor! Please Y&R, give your fans the best New Year by bringing our Muhney back as Adam Newman! If not, we may no longer be fans as of January 30th. That is true for me!!! Also, lighten up yourselves and don’t make Adam guilty of hitting Delia!!! Thank you!

  • Carmen Margarita Figueroa Cuad

    I Stopped watching , since his firing! Please bring HIM BACK!!! MichaelMuhney=AdamNewman.No one can Replace him.

  • Traci

    What a shame, miss the days that Y&R was infused with genuine drama, romance, and comedy…now, with Michael Muhney gone, they’ve taken away our sole reason to continue to watch what has become a mere shell of its former self. Bring back MM and BM, they are the two best actors on the show, and kept us watching!!! Y&R is not going to survive without its fan base!

  • Betty Stanley

    Young and Restless could use a little comedy. It is so awful with the killing of little DeDe. With the firing of Michael Muhney, the most talented actor and interesting character on the show, they can kiss the #1 spot good bye. Please wake up CBS and bring back the best star ever on Young and Restless. Please Re-hire Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. We do not want a replacement. We want Michael.

  • PatF

    I don’t need comedy, but I like characters who can make me laugh. Put Gloria on YR and she can handle that pretty much for me. I like camp to come from the actors, not from the script.

  • Lynda Westlake

    My prediction for 2014… The Young & the Restless, having been #1 for the last 25 years (sadly in 2013 was the Doom & Gloom of Daytime television), will soon be known as ” The Y&R Actors on the unemployment line” due to the loss of actors such as MICHAEL MUHNEY, BILLY MILLER, MICHELLE STAFFORD, BLAKE HOOD, STEPHEN NICHOLS among others. Please get it together CBS Daytime/Sony and listen to your fans. They are who SUPPORTED YOU FOR YEARS and to outrage them is nothing short of committing Daytime Suicide.

  • Susan

    Way to go, CBS and Sony…fire the best actor on tv and lose enough fans for Y&R to go from #1 to off the air! Not only will we stop watching, but we will be boycotting your sponsors. So, maybe you should reconsider your fans and rehire Michael Muhney so we can all have a Happy New Year!

  • xy&rfan

    That was a great picture of the Y&R
    top men w/1 exception. Michael Muhney is fired and we want him back! If we don’t get him back it won’t matter what Y&R picture is on there because this 40 year plus fan will be gone!

  • Donna

    We want Adam Newman back, so tired of storyline, he is saving you right now. Love micheal muhney

  • Michael Muhney fan!

    Please bring Michael Muhney back!!!!! The show won’t be the same without him. I’ve been watching since day 1. Tired of you firing the best actors, won’t work with the actors so they can do other projects, kill off the kids, & the stupid senseless story lines. I think it’s time for me to change channels…..

  • Paulette

    The Young and the Restless has always been one of my favorite soaps. Not anymore since the firing of Michael Muhney.I stopped watching when he was fired. What ever happened needs to be worked out and settled so Michael can come back as our Adam Newman he owns that character and no one else will ever do it any justice…

  • Cheryl Mertens

    If Y&R does not rehire Michael Muhney, I will no longer be a viewer after 1/30/14.

    • deb_gib

      They don’t care about the fans. As long as JFP is in charge the viewers don’t matter a darn. Sad but true.

  • deb_gib

    How do they justify keeping the dinosaur/one-note acting of Eric Braeden but fire the best actor on Y&R right now MM? Why did they let Billy Miller leave, couldn’t they allow him the outs he wanted ? He’s a great actor and worth the outs he needed. The oldest males are getting very dusty and boring in their acting. MM acted circles around them and that’s why he had to go, he made the others look bad.

  • Diane Webster

    IF this incident with MM is actually true and management was aware there was a problem, them I say this was mishandled by TPTB. Now it has blown up and HK’s being smeared everywhere but in her parents house, MM’s reputation is being put in dispute. What should have happened months ago was counseling for everyone and stern warnings handed out and not wait till it got so far out of control it can’t ever be fixed with running the risk of a slander lawsuit on MM’s part and even more strong harsh words of disbelief about HK.