‘Fast and Furious’ Producers Publish Tribute Video Honoring Memory of Paul Walker

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

One week ago today actor (ex-Brandon Collins, “”) died in a fiery car accident that also took the life of his friend , CEO of Always Evolving, who was driving the red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at the time when it crashed into a tree and exploded. According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Walker died from “the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries,” while Rodas died as a result of “multiple traumatic injuries.” In memory of Walker, producers behind “” film franchise, which he was best known for, published a tribute video (seen below) of the actor on its official YouTube page. The video has currently amassed 16.7 million views worldwide.

The Medical Examiner stated that both deaths have been officially ruled an accident.

  • Cyberologist

    Yeah I saw this its riveting also the scenes in FF7 where Brian talks about funerals. ‘Some of the scenes were released and they are at a gravesite talking about no more funerals and Brian says “just one more funeral”
    Also going to Paul’s website there is a video there of him surfing or something a while back the background music is Bloody November by Oh my stars the lyrics are a chilling premonition, e.g.

    “if you know me by now you know I’m far beyond the point of no fear
    I have tried and I’ve tried
    till my dreams fell asleep at the wheel of some other guy’s ride
    clean the knife
    it’s gunna be a bloody November”

    “And when December comes and all the blood dries up
    the snow will cover the tracks
    I’ll never look back
    I’ll start a new”
    Sleep well young Paul