Erika Slezak Delivers Holiday Message To Fans

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Out of all the talent behind “” and “,” the one voice missing after news that neither series would be moving forward with new episodes was that of Daytime Emmy Award winning actress (ex-Victoria Lord, “OLTL”). On her official website, Slezak has broken her silence via her 2013 Holiday Letter for fans. In it, Slezak says, “I loved being back at ‘OLTL’; I loved being back with all my friends on the show and we had a wonderful time although it was short lived.  Still, I am very grateful for that brief opportunity to have played Viki once more.”

To read the full letter, see below:

Dear Friends,

Well, this year has certainly been one of ups and downs; we started last January with such high hopes for the revivals of ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘All My Children’ and things seemed to be going so well when we started production in March.  Unfortunately we produced only 8 weeks of shows, and then everything fell apart.  Our boss, , is still trying to bring both shows back, but personally I think that will be a very difficult feat to pull off.  As things stand now, production on both shows has been shut down, so there will be no more ‘OLTL’ or ‘AMC,’ at least not in the near future. But we never give up hope! In any case, I loved being back at ‘OLTL’; I loved being back with all my friends on the show and we had a wonderful time although it was short lived.  Still, I am very grateful for that brief opportunity to have played Viki once more. Personally my life has been very busy and very good.  It’s wonderful to be home and enjoy all the pleasures of home life.  I am hoping that in the next year I will be able to find work elsewhere but if that doesn’t happen right away, I will be grateful for what I had. Once again, I want thank Walter Miller for his unflagging support and for keeping this little club afloat. I also want to thank AJ, Kit Williams and Stephen Schofield.  Walter and Stephen spent a lot of time in correspondence with Jennifer Pepperman, our most recent producer, and were invaluable in assisting her with photos and background information on ‘OLTL’ and Victoria Lord. And in particular, I would like to thank all of you for your incredible support during our online phase.  This would never have come about if it hadn’t been for you, and the entire cast and crew of ‘OLTL’ is extremely grateful. I wish all of you a very happy and healthy holiday season and all good wishes for the New Year. We never know what the future holds, so perhaps I will see you all again from the screen or the stage or wherever.  Merry Christmas!

With Love,


  • Margb63

    Oh how I miss OLTL & seeing you!! As well as all the other cast. I am part of a large fan base and you all are a part of our families. We will do whatever we can to get our shows back. You are truly appreciated for all the hard work that you have put into playing “Vicki”. You have done an amazing job and we all love and miss you! We’re hoping that 2014 will bring you all back into our homes! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season:-)

    With Love & Hope for 2014
    Marg B

  • Larry Heschke

    OLTL and AMC need to be produced for syndication to local network affiliates. They need to be produced 30 minute shows that air Monday thru Friday. Prospect park has the facilities to produce the shows, they just need to secure backing and market the two shows as a package. Local ABC affiliates would be overrun with requests from fans to add these shows to there daytime lineup. Of course, this time around, they would need to hire real writers and actually streamline the casts. There is a huge amount of money being made in daytime syndication, why can’t Prospect Park or some other company take advantage of this and bring OLTL and AMC back?

  • Michelle Williamson

    I was so excited when OLTL and AMC were back. It was surreal when I heard that they were being cancelled again. What a disservice to the loyal fan base. I hope the issues will be resolved so that both series can return. I believe that I am one of millions who would continue to watch forever! I don’t understand why the networks don’t see and appreciate our loyalty.

  • Bob Bateman

    Dear Erica: How I wish OLTL could return! I was never a soap opera fan until one day I got interested in the story line: the pastor was accused of being gay, yet it was never true. You see, Erica, I also was gay: but I refused to give in. Instead I repented, giving my heart and soul and body to the Lord Jesus Christ: yes, 50 years ago in November 2014. I still sing for Him with my Opera Tenor Voice! If you see this and would like to receive my only gospel album, it would be free to you. A phone call from you, Erica, would be wonderful. I think so highly of you. My phone: 208-342-4889. The title song of the album is: America, It’s Surely Time to Pray. Bless you, Miss Erica. Serving Jesus, Love Brother Bob Bateman: PS: I dearly do miss One Life to Live!