Disney/ABC Cancels ‘Katie’; No Current Plans To Replace Talker

Disney/ABC Domestic Television

Although it had long been rumored, Disney/ABC Domestic Television made it official today that it has canceled “Katie,” the daytime talker hosted by . “While production will continue on ‘Katie’ through June 2014, we’ve mutually agreed that there will not be a third season of the show,” the company and Couric’s team said in a joint statement. “We’re very proud of everyone’s contributions to making ‘Katie’ the #1 new syndicated talk show of 2012-2013, and we look forward to the rest of the season.”

In June 2011, Disney/ABC announced a two-year deal with Couric that would consist of the daytime talk show and on air reports for ABC News, which she recently parted ways with just before word that she had signed a deal with Yahoo! to develop new programming for the internet giant. In announcing the partnership with Couric at the time, Anne Sweeney, president, Disney/ABC Television Group and co-chair, Disney Media Networks, said, “Katie Couric is one of television’s iconic figures and we are thrilled to have forged such an exciting partnership with her. We look forward to having Katie join the best News team in the business, and to working with her to create a dynamic and successful talk show franchise.” Buried within the announcement was word that Disney/ABC would cede ABC’s 3:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT daytime slot to affiliates beginning in September 2012 in the hopes that most, if not all, ABC affiliates would pick up “Katie” for syndication. “As part of the announcement, the network is set to return the last hour of its Daytime network block to affiliates no earlier than September 2012, but continues to support ‘,’ and the plans to launch ‘’ in September of this year and ‘’ in January 2012,” read the press release at the time, which many felt put “GH” in danger of not reaching its 50th year on television. At launch “Katie” was executive produced by with Couric’s former “Today” EP and current CNN chief Jeff Zucker. Shortly after the talk show was announced, he said of Couric, “I think Katie is a unique brand in television.” He added, “The mere fact that you can just say Katie and know who we are talking about is evidence of that.”

Disney/ABC Domestic Television
Disney/ABC Domestic Television

In a report by TV Guide‘s Michael Logan back in March 2012, sources informed him that Couric made clear to Disney/ABC of her desire to see “GH” as her leadin on the ABC affiliated stations. “Couric and Zucker want to see ‘GH’ get that slot because it’s a stronger show, Nielsen-wise, plus Couric does not want to face the wrath of ‘GH’ fans and risk the chance they’ll organize a boycott. Who the hell needs that? So she and Zucker want ‘The Revolution’ to go bye-bye,” which the low rated health and fitness talk show did. Since then, “GH” was moved to the aforementioned new timeslot and has gone on to hit six year highs in total viewers in the last 3 weeks alone, best in 2+ years in key sales demos and is pacing for its best season performance since the 2006/2007 television season in total audience. Couric appeared on an episode of “GH” earlier this year in celebration of the soap operas 50th anniversary. In addition, she hosted an adequately rated special on the soap opera that aired in primetime on Saturday, April 6.

There’s no word on what will replace “Katie,” if anything, at this time.

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m sorry for anyone who may have lost their jobs because of this and especially because it’s near the holidays but i’m sure they will get other jobs.However i’m not surprised by the news and saw it coming for months for now.

    • 1

      Well they still have their jobs until next summer, besides AMC and OLTL stars/crew lost their jobs.

      • Sane Soap Fan

        But it wasn’t these peoples folks they lost their jobs. What about all the people at GH who lost their jobs when Frank Valentini fired them and hired OLTL folks.

  • Over4tea

    When I hear the name “Katie”, I think of Katie Holmes. I hope the affiliates request that abc bring back OLTL and AMC. Or maybe a syndication deal can be made with the soaps. Maybe some letter-writing and phone calling campaigns are in order.

    • Sane Soap Fan

      The syndicates won’t demand ABC bring back the soaps. If they did they would lost the hour and they don’t want that. They get to keep the hour and do with it whatever they want. They didn’t even have to air Katie. That was their choice and many chose not to air it. The one here didn’t. When GH moved they put Dr. Oz on with Dr. Phil right behind. Then created another hour of local news. ABC gave the hour away and I doubt they will ever get it back.

      • benravensfan02

        There are too many BS talk shows. Most of them were canceled earlier this year. Survivor host Jeff Probst had a talk show, out of desperation, he brought Facts Of Life star Lisa Whelchel on board, depending on her new popularity from Survivor, but that didn’t help any. Kris Jenner had a Ryan Seacrest backed talk show, it failed and and the Fox affiliate here in Baltimore WBFF-TV channel 45 canceled it after just 2 weeks along with the late afternoon rebroadcast on Baltimore sister station and CW affiliate WNUV-TV channel 54. Ricki Lake’s post Dancing With The Stars talk show comeback failed. CNN AC360 host Anderson Cooper’s syndicated talk show, which was one of the better ones and I still have a few episodes on my DVR’s hard drive, failed after 2 seasons. The Ellen DeGeneres backed talk show Bethenny, hosted by former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel, is still on shaky ground because she can’t get any big guests that want to go on a talk show hosted by a woman that is considered by some to be a borderline mental patient, she can’t even get some of her fellow Real Housewives to come on the show. Plus, according to talent agent Ari Emanuel, who is the brother of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, her office workers have been trying to strong arm guests, telling them that they can’t do Ellen’s show without doing Bethenny’s show, which is angering a lot of big names that would do Ellen’s show, but not Bethenny’s.

  • Bexx

    Poor Katie, her show was one of the better ones in the ABC lineup.

  • Only watch GH on ABC

    Bring back AMC and OLTL if you ever want to see ratings as GH’s again!!

    • jacksplace58

      I agree bring them both back!

  • Kelly25

    Cool! The boycott organized by AMC and OLTL (and GH) fans has worked. And it’s going to continue until these decade-long household marks are restored to their rightful places.

    Are ABC execs totally nuts, or do they actually not want shows with the ratings that GH is drawing??

    AMC and OLTL could be in the exact same position if the same smart changes had been made!!

    These crappy replacement shows will NEVER get to that level of ratings!!

  • Lee Roberts

    Bring back All My Children and One Life To Live.

  • Mindy34

    And now, it’s time for CBS to cancel “The Talk”!!

    GH is drawing DOUBLE the ratings in the women 18-49 key demo in the same time slot, and AS THE WORLD TURNS did the same, year after year after year.

    Bring back ATWT, if you ever want to see ratings like GH’s again!!

    • benravensfan02

      I don’t watch The Talk because it is Julie Chen-Moonves’ ripoff of Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie’s The View. Her husband, CBS boss Les Moonves, who is a man that can’t say no to his wife, OKed the blatant ripping off of The View. The Talk is such a clear ripoff of The View that Saturday Night Live did a skit where a guy thought that he was at a live taping of The View when he was actually at a live taping of The Talk. But don’t ripoff a CBS property or Les Moonves will sic CBS’ lawyers on you.