Despite Increased Competition, CBS’ ‘The Talk’ Generates Largest Ever Total Audience and Hits New Highs In Demos

James White/CBS
James White/CBS

Despite facing increased competition via ABC’s growing “” in most markets, CBS’ “” celebrated Thanksgiving week (week of November 25 through 29, 2013) by generating its largest ever weekly audience in total viewers and capped its best-ever November sweep in viewers and the Women 25-54 sales demographic, according to Nielsen Live Plus Same Day data.

Increasing in viewers week-to-week, “Talk” averaged 2.96 million viewers (+9%) and was up from a 1.0/6 in Women 25-54 to a 1.1/6 rating (+10%). Meanwhile in Women 18-34, the talker increased 25% week-to-week going from a 0.4/3 to a 0.5/3 rating.

Compared to its performance during the November 2012 sweeps period , “Talk” saw growth during November sweeps 2013 where it averaged 2.81 million viewers (+20%), a 1.1/6 rating in Women 25-54 (+10%) and a 0.5/3 rating in Women 18-34 (+25%).

“The Talk” is hosted by , ,  and  and airs weekdays on CBS.

  • SoapFansTogether

    And another piece of ridiculous anti-soaps propaganda by the “Soap Opera Network”. I think that everyone can draw his own conclusions here.

    Why is it that ABC and CBS are now always talking about “women 25-54”, which is actually vastly irrelevant for advertisers who want to reach the younger crowd, especially those YOUNGER than 50!!

    Of course, there is a reason, because “The Talk” is constantly drawing only about HALF the numbers GENERAL HOSPITAL draws in the WOMEN 18-49 key demo.

    And the 0.4 to 0.5 rating of “The Talk” in women 18-34 is also only about HALF of what GH is drawing.

    So, who are they trying to fool here?

    By the way, AS THE WORLD TURNS had competition that was just as strong (ABC soaps) all the time, and nevertheless draw much higher ratings year after year after year and was better in the women 18-49 even in its weakest (last) year!

    And GH’s upward trend is the best evidence that ATWT could now stand where it stood only about 1-2 years before cancellation, too!

    So, these desperate press releases and spins only underline the fact that advertisers aren’t going to pay for these cheap, crappy shows much longer, when soaps are constantly getting significantly higher numbers in the key sales demos. That’s why certain people at the networks are trying to distort facts and reality wherever they can, obviously thinking no one will notice.

    But know what? Soap fans are still going to BOYCOTT all these crappy shows until they get their soaps back. If not from the execs that are in charge right now, then from the ones that will get in after the current bunch has been collectively fired, because they refuse to give viewers in the key demos what they want most: their SOAPS that have been and still are decade-long cash-cows and household marks!


      You are such a sad loser. But I actually find it funny that you absolutely cannot deal with how well The Talk and The Chew are doing. I love when SON posts the truth because I know you can’t handle it and I will get a good laugh from reading your sad pathetic posts.

      Have you ever heard the old says “he doth protest too much”. If the posts weren’t the truth they wouldn’t get under your skin so much.

  • let the numbers speak

    Same time slot (November 25-29, 2013)

    Women 25-54: General Hospital: 1.7 — The Talk: 1.1

    Women 18-49: General Hospital: 1.2 — The Talk: 0.8

    Women 18-34: General Hospital: 0.8 — The Talk: 0.5