Debbi Morgan Not Submitting Name For Emmy Consideration For Her Work on ‘All My Children’

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

With “” not moving forward, and word that the show along with sister soap “” would be eligible for Emmy consideration in all categories for next year’s awards presentation, actress (ex-Dr. Angela Hubbard) has decided to not put her name up consideration in either Supporting or Lead Actress categories. In a tweet on Saturday, November 30, Morgan said, “I’ve decided not 2 have my name submitted 4 emmy consideration this year cuz I just really, really want 2 move on.”

In a series of tweets following her original tweet, Morgan added, “The many months of being told we’re on hiatus but wld B coming bck & then snatching the rug from under us & the fans has been very emotional. So right now the head space I’m in is just completely distancing myself from AMC w/regards of an Emmy consideration. I wil 4 ever B grateful 4 the years of playing ‘Angie’ beautifully created by our beloved Agnes Nixon & our most amazing cast will always hold a special place in my heart…Darnell, Mickey, Sal, Cady, Thorsten, Vincent…just to name a few! However, with the end happening in the way that it did, for right now, I just want to remove any reminders of our untimely end…& to be honest I don’t need an Emmy 2 recognize how much U all loved the work I was able 2 bring 2 U…Your tweets said it all & that’s “Emmy” enough for me…Smile!”

Morgan’s tweets can be viewed below:


  • Philip

    I just hate that Prospect Park left the stars of the shows out there to do their bidding and take the brunt of the fans questions. Some folks can worship Prospect Park and think they are the saviors of daytime, but I have no regard for them at all.

    There is no reason to string along fans but even worse to string along the stars of the shows and the crew.

  • Louisa

    I agree. I wish I had never heard of Prospect Park.