BYE, BYE SPINELLI! Bradford Anderson and Emily Wilson Exiting ‘GH’



Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

An ABC representative confirms to Soap Opera Network that actors  (Damien Spinelli) and  (Ellie Trout) will soon be departing “.” Per the rep, Anderson’s last airdate as Damian Spinell is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, while an exact airdate is unknown for Wilson at this time. However, in its newest issue, Soap Opera Digest spoke with head writer , who said of Wilson’s exit, “It’s kind of hinged on Bradford’s desire to move on. We had kind of hitched Ellie’s wagon to Spinelli’s star, so in the desire to want to give him a happy ending, part of that involved Ellie going with him. I think it would have been sad to send him off by himself with this child, and also very hard to make sense, you know, that there was this great PI job that he couldn’t turn down.”

Earlier this year, Anderson announced that he had opted to not renew his contract with the daytime soap opera and as result would revert to recurring status in order to close out his characters storyline. “Hey friends, I am still at ‘GH’ and will continue to be. Recurring isn’t a bad word :) keep watching, great stuff is coming!” said Anderson at the time.With news of his pending exit hitting the web yesterday, Anderson took to Twitter and posted, “Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I’m excited for what’s ahead but am so grateful for these amazing 7 yrs, and for all of you!” He added, “Thank you for all the kind words today… Be sure to watch keep watching. @teenystweeting [Kirsten Storms, who portrays Maxie Jones] and @_emilywilson do stunning work per usual.”

  • Lee Roberts

    Why should him and that fish woman get the baby? What about Maxie?

    • Kentucky Dave

      Screw Maxie. She deserves what she gets. I wish GH would bring back Georgie from the dead, and the ax Kirsten Storms (Maxie), maybe she’ll leave the show permanently since she’s now very pregnant in real-life!

  • Clayton

    I enjoyed them both! They were off-kilter and fun! I’m not sure who I’m more upset to see go, but I think it might be Emily Wilson. Was hoping she could have an interesting future in Port Charles. 🙁