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Billy Miller/Michael Muhney: ‘Y&R’s’ Cast & Crew Provide Video Tributes To Departing Male Stars


Greg Edwards/Vimeo

With “” losing its leading men in a one-two punch, as both (Billy Abbott) and (Adam Newman) filmed their last scenes on Thursday, December 19, cast and crew of daytime’s most watched drama series have put together video tributes to honor the departing stars.

First shown during the “Y&R” goodbye party for Miller the same day he filmed his final scenes, Greg Edwards, a production staffer, opted to publish an 11 1/2 minute video dedication on Vimeo “For everyone that either couldn’t make it to the goodbye party last night or that couldn’t hear it on those small speakers we had.” In his message, Edwards added, “Goodbye Billy, you will be missed.” The video includes several cast and crew members initially pretending to not know who Miller was, even as a life sized cut out poster of the actor holding one of his Emmy Awards roamed the halls and stages of the soap behind them. Later, co-stars (Keven Fisher), (Chelsea Lawson), (Lauren Fenmore), (Michael Baldwin), (Paul Williams), (Christine Blair), (Jack Abbott), (Lily Winters Ashby), (Nikki Newman), (Victoria Newman Abbott), and (Jill Abbott), along with many others, shared their most heartfelt thoughts and memories of the actor as he moves toward his next journey in life. One of the most hilarious scenes in the video was by (Nicholas Newman), who jokingly said, “Think about all your options. ‘’ would love to have you. Any soap would kill to have you! There’s internet, there’s all these cable shows – Nickelodeon – think about it, you’d be huge like a ‘Different Strokes’ remake!” while the cut out  of Miller attempted to commit suicide (it fell off the roof of the CBS building after hearing the things people were saying before the kind words poured in).

In response to the video, Miller stated, “Well, you got me – I’m a little teary watching this. I can’t thank you all enough for the years together culminating into one amazing sendoff. I’m touched, my heart is full, and I love you all. Truly, deeply, THANK YOU.”

Meanwhile, in a video honoring memories of their time together on and off set, (Sharon Newman) published a “Beautiful” video tribute to Muhney with music by .

Both Miller and Muhney last air on Thursday, January 30, 2014 – the first day of the all important February sweeps period. In the case of Miller, takes over the role of Billy Abbott beginning Monday, February 3. There are no plans to recast Adam Newman at this time.

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  • Ugonna Wosu

    LOVE SHADAM! Awesome tribute by Sharon! Thanks so much for posting!

  • Paula

    Y & R is losing two actors and countless fans all in the same day. Wake up, Y & R. Bad writing, depressing stories, characters no one cares about, bad acting, and letting go of your two best actors. Fans feel disrespected and insulted. There is only one way for the show to go and that is down. Wake up before it is too late and rehire Michael Muhney.

  • Cathy Thomasson

    Y&R you will have a mass exodus of fans after January 30th!!! CBS/Sony/Jill Farren Phelps, you could have worked things out with Billy Miller to allow him to still be on Y&R and pursue other options worthy of his star power! But, CBS/Sony/Jill Farren Phelps, it was egregious and unconscionable to fire Michael Muhney right before the Holidays! Michael Muhney is THE best actor on Y&R and the ONLY Adam Newman to most of us long-time fans! “Give us our Muhney back”!!!

  • Judy Kroeker Lusty

    Whaat!! This video is stupid.

  • Kelly_Lynn

    Who did Sharon Case make this video for was it all about Adam or all about her. I think more of her was in the video then him lol