BEHIND THE SCENES: Making A River Flow on NBC’s ‘Days of our Lives’



Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Filmed in mid-August, episodes airing during the week of November 25 and on Monday, December 2, 2013 of NBC’s “” found Gabi Hernandez (), Kate Roberts () and Sami Brady () seemingly unite for the first time as they worked overtime to hide their role in the apparent death of Nick Fallon (). Just before being hit over the head with a rock, Nick was trying to instigate sexual relations with Ms. Hernandez, who then made it clear that not only wasn’t she interested, but it wasn’t the time nor the place to get busy. In a recent interview with Soap Opera Network, Koslow gushed over the amount of effort that went into producing the episodes, particularly the river set. “It was kind of amazing what they created on the set,” the actress said. “It’s like the 90s, because in the 90s we had huge sets. I remember being on a raft, and the raft was on shocks. So we did some crazy stuff back then, and they recreated it for this story. It was actually an adventure.”

With director in charge, here now is a behind the scenes look at the making of a river set on “DAYS.”

  • Kimberly Diener

    this was one of the best story lines in a long time, Sami (Alison) and Kate (Lauren) were funny together, as they tried to “teach” Gabbi (Camila) how to act after killing Nick (Albert), it was so funny!

  • dibbee

    An unexpected storyline for me. I have always thought of Nick as a person who had reformed, a good person. It turns out he went psycho because he was obsessed with Gabi. I don’t really think he is dead though. Anyway, good acting and cool to see real water!

  • lulu

    For once Days put some money on their show ! It was time..this show always looks cheaper than the other is time to change..give them some money NBC !!
    Anyway this story, for now, is pretty fun..the team of Sami, Gabi and Kate is fun..and could come from some little wacky fun thriller/horror movie.
    The scenes underwater between Blake Berris (Nick) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) were is like watching a movie and not a soap !!! Keep the good work with this story Days.

    • Tam

      Amen! I agree. I love this show and it seems like NBC is driving it away! They just need to stop treating it like a 2nd class show. It’s one of the longest running shows on NBC and they have a hard core fan base who has been watching the show for decades. More expensive sets! More adventures! More interesting story lines! YES, YES, YES!

      I love the 3 ladies working together – the 3 ladies you would NEVER suspect to team up. Keep up the good work, Days!