UPDATED: ‘Y&R’ Casting Director Wins Artios Award

Casting Society of America
Casting Society of America
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Held Monday, November 18 at the Beverly Hilton in LA and at the XL Nightclub, Cabaret & Lounge in NYC, “The Casting Society of America’s 29th Annual Artios Awards” honored the best of the best in casting and “'” (pictured right with Greg Salmon, Associate Casting Director of “Y&R”) took home her twelfth Artios Award in the process.

In the category of Casting for a Daytime Drama Series, Wilson took home her second Artios for “Y&R.” She beat out “Days of Our Lives'” and “’s” .

Prior to taking over the casting reigns of “Y&R” in 2011, Wilson helped cast for “,” “” and “Ryan’s Hope.” Wilson won 10 of her 12 Artios Awards for her work on “AMC.”

  • mdbball02

    BASED ON WHAT!?!?!?!??!??!? The fans hate every new cast member they have brought in — The New Abby is a terrible actress, same goes for MOP HEAD Kyle (we LOVED THE OLD KYLE), The Aweful “SUMMER” actress who can’t act at all, PAINFUL TO WATCH actor playing “Fen,” The arrogantly egotistical actor playing “Tyler,” The brattiest–Courtney??? NONE of these choices were good, let alone Award worthy?!?!?!? (Hell, all they did was hire Failed Hollywood Heights actors most of the time, probaly at the demand of Jill Farren Phelps!!!) And, how about losing or letting GREAT Actors go? We lost A GREAT ABBY, a GREAT Kyle! Now we’re losng the BEST BILLY ABBOTT EVER?!?!?!! This Pat on the back for Y&R is TOTALLY UNDESERVED!

  • PatF

    Congrats to her.
    Remember that she was in place BEFORE Phelps took over.
    Phelps, obviously has a LOT of say into who is hired and who isn’t. So blame the bad ones on Phelps.
    She also won a Daytime Emmy LAST year, before Phelps came aboard, so maybe the decision was based on a time frame when Phelps wasn’t on board yet.