‘Yea, We’ve Been Canceled,’ Says ‘All My Children’ Actress Debbi Morgan

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

While Prospect Park has yet to confirm the news to the press, “” star (Angela Hubbard) has confirmed that the soap is officially canceled. The actress tweeted, “my manager was given the news by PP’s lawyer,” when asked by a fan whether or not the show was now officially canceled after her previous tweets on Saturday, November 9 all but confirmed the news that the actors were informed by the production company. To make it clear as day to anyone still with hope, Morgan responded to another tweeter and said, “Yea, we’ve been canceled.”

This marks the second time “AMC” has been canceled after producing episodes, but technically the third cancellation overall (if counting the failed 2011 reboot plans).

  • Marianne

    I was waiting for the new season to start. Very sad to hear this news

  • Sandy B

    I loved AMC in the old TV days. The remake on PP was awful quite frankly. I’m not surprised it was cancelled.

    • CTwildheart

      I was more than happy with the reboots.

  • Darla Simcox Decker

    I enjoyed watching the shows online, it was different but loved it! I am so mad they did this to us! Gave us hope more than once and failed, shame on pp for not telling anyone anything.

  • Janice

    this is horrible, What’s wrong with you people , how can you take the soaps away from us yet again

  • Madalyn

    Enjoyed once again all your talents AMC & OLTL! I still believe that (Pine View Hospital) combining all three of the original ABC day time dramas would be awesome. I would like to thank Prospect Park, Hulu Plus, and the wonderfully talented actors who believed in themselves. I will miss you terribly and would like to be in touch with your future endeavors. <3 Madalyn

  • Cheryl

    Disgusted!! Unless there is reality, stupidity – no room on TV for those of us who like a storyline to follow, old friends as characters and tradition!! Older demographics are not what they are after!! Bye AMC – you’ve been my friend, given me memories and comfort at times – wish you all the best

  • CTwildheart

    Still no official word….sigh.

    • luv-and-laughter

      Seriously??? How much more do you need to believe that it is D-E-A-D!!!!! When Prospect Park’s lawyers are telling the cast it’s done, WTF do you think that really means???

      • CTwildheart

        Calm down…you misunderstand. I understand that PP is not bringing these shows back; I’m saying they still have not said anything officially. I am lamenting the fact that their silence speaks volumes. I am sharing my displeasure with how they have handled their PR, since day 1. I am summing up my frustration in a simple sentence. Seriously.

  • Lois MacLaren

    What is really sad about all of this is that all of those actors gave up other potentially rewarding job opportunities in order to follow through with this attempt to move AMC and OLTL to the Internet. My observation is that, from many, many years now – soap writers have pretty much thumbed their noses at the audience – not caring much whether or not the audience was really on board with all of the nutty ideas which the writers kept pushing. HOWEVER – when soaps moved to the Internet, the ONLY way that soaps could survive on the Internet was to begin producing story lines which audiences would be willing to PAY to see. And – let’s face it – there are NOT really that many people who are willing to PAY for someone to thumb their noses at them! Soaps would be – not only alive – but THRIVING if soap writers could have ever gained any type of respect for their audiences! Eventually, soap writers who continue to thumb their noses at their audiences will eventually bury the four remaining shows on the air. Probably sooner rather than later!

    • It just seems that the soap writers are becoming worse and worse.

      They won’t stop until they cause all the soap operas to be cancelled and gone off air.

  • No surprise to me.

    I thought that Oprah’s channel OWN helped AMC and OLTL become successful again.

    Now, we probably understand why Susan Lucci and some other actors did not return for the web series of AMC.

  • Shelly King

    I am so disappointed, I have been watching AMC and OLTL since I was a kid and when I seen they were back online I was so happy and now I been waiting for the 2nd season to only find out they have been cancelled AGAIN! Why can’t we have our soaps back? What about on OWN or SoapNet? I WANT MY SHOWS BACK!!!

    • CTwildheart

      Unfortunately, Soap Net will cease to exist by 12/31/13. I think OWN proved there is room for them on a cable network; but that isn’t the issue, it’s the cost of production vs viewers.

  • Judy Eastham

    Well Prospect Park where are your B@@@s? Come out and speak to the fans that you have screwed over for yet a third time. We are dedicated fans with staying power and you have raked us over. First ABC/Disney now you. Yes, we are pissed, but we are much more upset at what you have done to our actors and the crew that worked THEIR asses off to bring the fans what they wanted. SHAME ON YOU. WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS I CAN ASSURE YOU.

  • Linda

    Well, that explains it!! I’ve been waiting for the second season, now I learn this from Facebook. It’s a shame. I was learning to love the “new” All My Children and looking forward to another season. I feel especially bad for the wonderful actors. They were very excited to bring this soap back to the demanding public, now they have been let down as well. Guess I can cancel my subscription to Hulu.