With An All Star Cast In Place, ‘Beacon Hill’ Is Ready to Set the Internet On Fire!

on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 @ 1:15 AM

Bell Productions/Open Book Productions
Bell Productions/Open Book Productions

If you never imagined you’d get the opportunity of seeing the likes of , , , , , , , , and in the same series at the same time, your imagination needs some fine tuning. With actresses and rounding out its cast, “” is ready to march itself to the top of the internet charts when it debuts in March 2014. To get viewers to salivate over what’s to come, Bella Productions in association with Open Book Productions has released the first teaser trailer that highlights Brown and Minshew as two out lesbians trying to survive the political world in Boston, Massachusetts.

Written by Linda Hill and Emma Ryan, “Beacon Hill” was filmed in and around Boston.

For more on “Beacon Hill,” visit the official websitelike it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

  • Hudson De Witt Kelly

    make this into a real series

    • CTwildheart

      The future is on the web. This IS a ‘real’ series.

      • Bexx

        Tell that to OLTL and their ‘legion’ of fans who didn’t bother to tune in.

        • CTwildheart

          We’re talking about Beacon Hill here, it is a real series. And the fact that the younger demographic is watching the majority of their content online, means the future is on the web.

        • Sarah Ohh

          I tuned in. The show was crap, I stopped watching. AMC is gone now too, btw. That show… honestly for me the s/l especially with Cassandra’s abduction was too much for me. So i stopped watching. Finally lost interest in OLTL because i never knew when it would be on. This is NOT the same thing. Try a little positivity!!

  • Perla Cabrera

    This serie is gonna be tremendous.

  • CTwildheart

    Sounds good!

  • KansasGuest

    At least it isn’t produced by Prospect Park

    • Sarah Ohh

      A-freaking-men!!! :)

  • Oh my

    You had me until I saw the word “lesbians”. Yuck!

    • Lynda W.

      WOW! I can not believe someone would say something so idiotic! I am not a lesbian myself, but so what if someone else is!

  • Bexx

    This too shall fail.

    • Sarah Ohh

      You must be a blast at parties.

  • Sarah Ohh

    Ho-ly cow!! What a great cast! We the viewers have so much power here with these web shows, everyone please give it a fair shot. So many of us miss so many of these faces!! Especially the ones, for me at least, from OLTL and AMC. They got so screwed over THREE times by the lunkheads at Prospect Park. I hope this works and is wonderful…. and watched!!