Is Blake Berris Leaving ‘DAYS,’ Again?

Benjamin Cohen/NBC
Benjamin Cohen/NBC

In the coming weeks a storyline involving the characters of Nick Fallon and Gabi Hernandez gets physically violent and rumors are now swirling about the possibility that as a result of the storyline, Nick’s portrayer, , may be leaving the “” canvas.

When asked by Soap Opera Network during today’s “A Day of DAYS” fan event at Universal CityWalk Hollywood¬†about his status with the show Berris was unable to comment, but on the storyline itself he did say that Nick is just reminding Gabi () of the passion between them.

Should it come to fruition that Berris is leaving it would be another blow to the soap as the “DAYS” younger set in their current iteration helps bring in plenty of younger and older eyeballs to the screen in several storylines that have captivated audiences. , who portrays Will Horton, is departing the soap in January and will be replaced by a new actor (). Meanwhile, ¬†exited the series as his character, Chad DiMera, moved to Boston.

Berris returned to the soap in August 2012 after his character spent time in prison for stalking Melanie. It was revealed earlier this year that the character was sexually assaulted while in prison by his cellmate, Jensen (), which brought a lot of drama between Nick as he watched Will and Sonny () parade around Salem as a happy gay couple.

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  • Rick Kitchen

    Who do they have for Abigail to become involved with? There is nobody even close to her age who isn’t a relative.

    • Nk3play2

      They should’ve just recast the role of Chad and kept her romance with him going. As for Berris, I saw this coming because he only re-signed for a year, he re-signed in 2013. However, with Banus leaving as Gabi, it’s not much for Blake Berris to do.

      • Jim Fung

        I think they should have recast Chad or kept Cameron.

      • lulu

        They could write a story for him and Theresa..two Brady, one Horton..they have the same age ect..Anyway i enjoy Nick as a dark, edgy, greyish, complex character. I am not surprised he will be gone soon, Blake Berris did not seem to want to stay for a long time when he did sign this last time around..i just hope they don’t kill off Nick or they could make him faking his that the door is still open for Blake Berris and his Nick character to come back !

      • lulu

        They should recast Chad and make him darker..his stories and romance with Abby were too too much boring..don’t waste this character next time Days !

    • Jim Fung

      The 20s scene sure has been decimated!

  • Jim Fung

    I will be sad if Nick goes, and I hope he is not killed off so he can come back.

  • Harlee

    Yes, it is I think he’s sexy, quirky way and such a good actor.

  • Jan Whitebear

    I HATE the character of Nick because he’s SO sneaky and devious. But the actor is GREAT that he can make us hate him so much! LOL! They need a villain in every soap so I think they should keep Nick! He plays an excellent psycho villain!!

  • Kim Hall

    I wish people po9sting on here would learn how to write proper English. Your posts are horrible and make no sense.

    • jenesais

      then don’t say “posting on here” so YOU can use English properly

  • Guest

    HATE NICK FALLON! Worst. Good riddance.

  • gb

    I hope Nick is really alive!!! Please don’t make him be dead!!!

  • gb

    And I hope Blake Berris stays with Days!

  • Tamms

    Keep Nick…did they just kill him off?? May 12, 2014..say it isn’t so!!