‘I’m A Soap Star’ Music Video Hits the Net; Features Sean Kanan, Ronn Moss, Kim Matula, Joshua Morrow and More!


It’s not uncommon for soap opera stars to appear in music videos (we’ve even done features about it in the past), but “’s” (A.J. Quartermaine; ex-Deacon Sharpe, “”/“”) and his wife, , have turned the tables: The duo actually made their own music video specifically about the genre!

Michele directs and Sean stars in the satirical rap titled “I’m A Soap Star,” a humorous look at what being a daytime television celeb entails. (ex-Ridge, “B&B”), (Hope, “B&B”), (Nick, “Y&R”) and (Nancy, “”) make appearances in the video, as does Moss’ wife, .

  • shelle dale

    i love it

  • Moonlite

    I had to watch it twice!!! Hilarious!