Freddie Smith: Guy Wilson Replacing Chandler Massey on ‘DAYS’ Beginning in January 2014



Michael Desmond/NBC
Michael Desmond/NBC

During today’s “” fan event at Universal CityWalk Hollywood, actor shared with Soap Opera Network that will replace in the role of Will Horton beginning in January 2014. The actor noted that the transition from one actor to the next will be seamless as the character of Will is not leaving town only to return portrayed by a different actor.

Word of Wilson replacing Massey came to light in early September, when “DAYS” actress Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) let slip Wilson’s name as Massey’s replacement during an interview .

A more specific last airdate for Massey and first airdate for Wilson are unknown at this time.

  • joni morlin

    I want Chandler Massey back on days of our lives right now he loves every body their at least give him a other chance to work things out for himself just let him come bAck to days don’t fired him he Is a good looking guy just g8very him credit for all the work he has done for you he is a wonderfull gay star with Freddie smith his boy friend they all ready have a baby arianna and they all ready for each other to get married on set on the show