Drake Hogestyn Back On Contract With ‘DAYS’; Actor Shares He’s Sold His House!

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

is not only returning to NBC’s “” in the early part of the new year as his iconic character, John Black, he’s also returning to contract status with the daytime drama series. The actor confirmed his new status with the soap to Soap Opera Network during today’s “” fan event at Universal CityWalk Hollywood.

Hogestyn’s return to “DAYS” couldn’t have come at a more pressing time as the actor also shared with us that on November 22 his family is set to close on the sale of their house and they were all packed and ready to move out of LA!

Word of Hogestyn’s return to “DAYS” first came to light in October. The actor confirmed his return via Twitter on Halloween. “Happy All Hallow’s Eve!” he wrote. “The Treat?…I’m back in Salem!” But the Trick? “I sold my house and have no place to live!” he shared. “Now that’s scary! Yikes!”

  • Linda Brett

    look like they’re looking up for not only Drake but DAYS! Drake is a
    FABULOUS actor, the show is empty without this iconic actor that
    has so much talent, charisma and HOTNESS! WELCOME BACK DRAKE!

  • Linda Woodie

    What a great move, Days! Finally, you are doing the right things.

  • Ann Smith

    That’s the most fabulous news I’ve heard in YEARS! Drake is the only reason I’ve watched DAYS, and I left the last day he aired. I can’t WAIT to see him on my TV screen again, though I won’t know who any of the people in Salem are anymore EXCEPT for him! HAHA! You’ve been greatly missed, Drake, and we’re counting down the days until you return front and center. I hope they treat you right this time. We love you!

  • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

    Excited, you bet I am. Days will be worth watching again. Hopefully Drake/John will return before Brady is totally out of control. WELCOME HOME DRAKE, YOU HAVE TRULY BEEN MISSED. CONGRATS ON THE CONTRACT. Now the task of finding a place to live.