‘DAYS’’ Drake Hogestyn On John’s Terrible Mistake and Possible ‘Closure’ With Marlena

Brian Lowe/JPI Studios
Brian Lowe/JPI Studios

During a recent “” fan event, actor  (John Black) told Soap Opera Network that he’d signed a new contract with the sudser, but that’s not all the actor revealed! He’s got a pretty good idea of upcoming story for his alter ego, and he assured us that loyal viewers just might get exactly what they wish for when it comes to the popular pairing of John and Marlena ().

First thing’s first: Hogestyn admits that it’s sometimes tough to justify the actions his character takes — like John’s choice to break apart Brady () and Kristen () by convincing people that Kristen wanted him for herself — but he says his job isn’t to justify them at all. “You are called talent, and you don’t write the show. Your responsibility is to pick up a script and to the best of your ability, you bring [the writers’] vision onto the screen, regardless of what your interpretation is,” he explains. “You can’t change plot logic or character shading. Even if you develop a character for 25, 28 years, your job as talent is to look at the story and take that story and move it forward in the vision of the writers. And that is the respect that every actor has to have. Once you start blurring that line or changing plot logic, character shading, it just muddies the water and nobody wins.”

Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

“So, as an actor, do they write something that John would consider out of character — this is back eight months ago or so — yeah. But how does he get around that?” the Indiana native continues. “He makes a decision, the biblical choice: Blood is thicker than water. And it’s like, ‘I will save my son at all costs to myself’ and by extension, hurting Marlena, which is the last thing he would ever want to do. But he’s got to save his son. So, now he’s back [in town] after all of the fall out. He knew this was not going to end well for Brady, and he’s not back to say ‘I told you so,’ but he will give all the support he can.”

Fortunately for fans of the actor, he’s just signed a new contract, which leaves plenty of time to tell a story viewers can be happy with. “I did not see this coming,” Hogestyn admits of the show asking him to return. “In fact, I had slowly been wrapping my head around the idea that it was time to move on to another facet of my life. I went on the ‘DAYS’ book tour, my farewell tour to say ‘Thank you, friends and fans, for the greatest ride ever,’ and then ‘DAYS’ circled back around with a contact offer.”

Funny enough, the actor had just sold his house in Malibu with plans to move back to Indiana — meaning he now has to search for a new Los Angeles abode! “My wife said, ‘Ok, now what, genius?!’” he says with a laugh. “And now we’re in the middle of sorting out years and years of VHS tapes and magazines. Just cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.”

Though it’s been a bit of a hassle, Hogestyn says he wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I would never say never to ‘Days of our Lives.’ It has been in my life,” he says. “I am emotionally attached to not only the show, but the character. I’m emotionally attached to the audience that has been so loyal and undying in their belief that they haven’t seen enough of John and Marlena. We haven’t had closure yet. We need to get back on track, and I’m very respectful of that… so hopefully we’ll get some communication going. John’s decisions [regarding Brady and Kristen] were made, but I’m thinking that his relationship with Marlena will be strong enough [to recover].”

  • Linda Brett

    What a FABULOUS interview with Drake! I adore his interviews so much because he is not only a fabulous actor, but an HONEST awesome person that you can tell adores John as much as the fans do! I am STILL giddy with happiness that Drake signed a contract so we can look forward to seeing him again light up the screen with his talent. I wish it was February now, LOL!

  • chrissypend

    So glad Drake is back, he is right when he says fans have an “emotional attachment” to these characters. Some of us have been watching through the generations…It is up to the actors to give life to the characters, and Drake and Deidre are among the best. Will be faithfully watching the return of John to Salem!! xoxo

  • Maryann868

    Welcome back Drake.!!! We have missed you. You and Deidre are extraordinary actors and have such a special bond and chemistry together that you make everything look believable. I know in my heart that John Black will make things right with the love of his life Marlena. I am looking forward to the great scenes that the two of you will give us in the coming months as you regain each others trust, loyalty, friendship and most important the underlying love that you have for each other.

  • Lena

    SO VERY HAPPY that drake is back! Hope he’ll stay for a long time, really! Have watched Days first time in 1989 over here in Germany and I am a fan since that time. But it’ll NEVER be the same without him.

  • nancy

    when will days of our lives be on tvgn is tvgn going to replace soapnet on the rise