AS THE TWEETS TALK: ‘All My Children’ Stars on Cancellation of Their Soap

Chapman Baehler/TOLN
Chapman Baehler/TOLN

You’ve already heard from Debbi Morgan and Cady McClain, but what about the other stars of “” who’ve recently learned that Prospect Park will not be forging ahead with a second season of the supposed “anytime” soap opera. Putting together all the tweets (at the time of this posting), Soap Opera Network  has compiled a list of what some of the actors are saying about the demise of “AMC” 2.0 on social media.

(AJ Chandler) tweeted earlier today, “Thank you for all the love and support re #AMC. We’d be nothing without u guys so for that reason I am grateful. This is only the beginning.” His tweet was retweeted by (Miranda Montgomery), who has yet to officially comment herself.

While unknown whether her comments were directly related to “AMC,”  (Cassandra Foster) tweeted on Saturday, November 9, “If I can’t make it through one door ill go through another door or I’ll make a door!”

(Cara Castillo) responded to a fan saying, “thank you for everything and your support!” Meanwhile, in response to ’s Facebook posting, (Kendall Hart) said, “Cady is a class act.”

While the actors are commenting, Prospect Park has opted not to comment on the demise of “AMC” and “.” A representative for the company told Soap Opera Network today, “We are not commenting” when asked to do so.

  • Lanell Dupuy

    :'( is all i can do (cry) once more for the cancellation of my 2 fav soaps! and, I want to say I really enjoyed watching them online and ALL the characters both OLD & NEW as well!

  • Stacey Hochman Finnegan

    I am still confused as to why they axed the show’s. Was it a money thing? Not enough viewers? What? I feel bad for all the actors who took such pay cuts to try to make this work. Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams are the best Daytime soap couple in history! It would be nice if they could at least go to another network soap as a couple who moved from Pine Valley to the new show as Jessie and Angie. Hint! Hint!

  • CTwildheart

    Cady IS a class act and so is Debbi. Very nice of them to address this issue when the silence from PP is deafening.

  • Johnny

    Some fans are saying “at least Prospect Park tried” and I suppose I have to reluctantly agree with that ~ I absolutely think that they should release an Official statement though and maybe AMC could return in another format, maybe as a One hour a week show or combined with characters from One Life to Live. Stranger things have indeed happened, so who knows….

  • nina lopez

    this really sucks.I’ve been a AMC fan for 35yrs and having it on hulu for just one season was great,and now another let down.I’m sooo upset .I thought Tad was coming back etc.etc.