‘AMC’s’ Jill Larson on Show Cancellation: ‘It Was Not A Surprise’

Victoria Will/TV Guide Magazine
Victoria Will/TV Guide Magazine

On her official Facebook page, “” star (Opal Cortlandt) broke her social media silence after it became apparent earlier this week that was not moving forward with a new season of either “All My Children” or “,” at least “at this time,” according to the actress.

“I finally got the official call, saying PP is not going forward with ‘AMC’ ‘at this time,’ left the door open a crack, hmmm! As disappointing as that news is, it was not a surprise. Just as they did the first time, PP chose to remain silent regarding their activities, and now that I’ve had some experience with them, I do believe that it was because Jeff [Kwatinetz] just kept on beating the bushes trying to raise the money, never willing to cry uncle. I am sad for all of us, from Jeff to all of you, but gosh I’m grateful for the chance we had to make something new and wonderful from our beloved shows,” Larson said. She added, “Maybe when more fans are computer-savvy, and go online for content as a regular habit, investors will feel comfortable putting money into what was a grand experiment, perhaps ahead of its time, and only time will tell. Take care of yourselves, my lovelies, sending love to you all!”

  • Johnny

    Jill Larson is wonderful as Opal and even though right now things may look grim, I don’t think that Prospect Park and ABC-TV would be having this battle if there wasn’t a strong interest in keeping ALL MY CHILDREN alive and kicking, particularly when ABC’s one surviving soap, General Hospital is doing so well. Some critics claim that the Soap genre is gone, but sorry, I do not agree. If ALL MY CHILDREN was too expensive to do as a daily one hour show, why can’t they present it as a Half hour program and as a Lead-in to General Hospital?

  • Peter Harley Robertson

    Sad so very sad…. i blame ABC/DISNEY for this… I Really will miss them…

  • KansasGuest

    With all due respect to Ms. Larson, tv fans ARE media savvy. That’s why ratings of the 4 soaps remaining on network tv have increased in the 18-49 demographic. Younger viewers are finding (and watching) these soaps on other platforms like network websites, Hulu, and On Demand. It’s just that the older viewers of AMC & OLTL, those outside that demographic, don’t like watching their tv in that manner. And, ultimately, that hurts any chances of bringing AMC or OLTL back. Younger viewers bring higher ad rates. That’s just a fact. And, frankly, younger viewers have short memories. They’re more likely to watch a new online soap (like the upcoming TAINTED DREAMS or something airing on Netflix or Hulu) or one that hasn’t left the airwaves.

  • Carrington

    Prospect Park you suck! Frist you say you are picking up all AMC and OLTL then you cancel them then you bring them back, then you pull three OLTL characters from General Hospital to bring there characters back to OLTL which only one returns then you cancel AMC and OLTL again. But I think what I hate the most of you prospect park is that we still had a little of OLTL on General Hospital when you pull them away,and you took that away from us too. Now I can never have a piece of OLTL on General Hospital I Hope your company goes down under you piece of crap!

  • mary surdynski

    I am so sad.I really miss my families.keep praying for all of you to come back

  • Cheryl Mertens

    I am just heartbroken.

  • Caroline Mcclain

    I need my AMC and ONTL. I was looking forward and just got crushed. They are crazy with such a fan base here.

  • Paula

    The fan base is HUGE for both shows and the viewers are online savvy enough to be able to navigate this version of the soaps. It was such a fine show online with the production values and writing and acting all in place. It was bad enough when ABC ripped it from us initially. But to go through it twice is brutal. Sad:(