‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Done?

The OnLine Network

Earlier today TV Guide‘s Michael Logan tweeted, “Is #ProspectPark ‘shelving’ @allmychildren too? I’m hearing big announcement planned for this Friday. @TOLN @onelifetolive.” The possibility of it happening wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise considering there has been literally no news about the future of either “” or “” outside of the early September news that due to the ABC/ lawsuit over “OLTL,” the company would be forging ahead solely with “AMC.”

When pressed for comment by Soap Opera Network on whether an announcement is expected on Friday, a Prospect Park representative stated, “No announcement planned.” However, the rep didn’t deny that the shows were in fact possibly being scrapped.

Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.

  • maxiemom

    Damn you ABC and Brian Frons.

    • Mona Prager

      I AGREE!

  • Susan Cange

    they had no business putting any of It back on the air if they weren’t going to follow through with it. the right thing t o do is bring both shows back to give it the finale they both deserve. shame on you for doing a terrible thing to the fans that have always honored these shows.

  • Chris

    I think the reason why PP isn’t going to make any announcements about AMC and OLTL yet is probably because they are still working to get AMC and OLTL back online again for their shows’ second seasons!

  • Peg Claydon

    I hope oltl
    comes back for there 2 season
    I watched oltl when I was 12
    with my grandmom
    so please bring oltl back thank you

  • Joan Ozlek

    I hope not I love seeing them although it’s not like it use to be on channel 6,

  • your mom

    It better not get scrapped! I will be very angry, especially since the season finale is a HUGE cliffhanger.

  • janewagon

    Is anyone really surprised by this news? PP has been running it’s loyal fans around for months. This whole thing has been a fiasco from the beginning and all of PP’s lies finally caught up with them. No offense, but these two show were better off dead in the first place.

  • sucks

    Prospect Park screwed over OLTL fans so many times. First, when ABC announced OLTL was was over, OLTL on ABC pulled out all the stops. It was exciting, because anything could happen. Prison break with all the crazy villains escaping. Anyone could be killed. I expected a crazy satisfying ending. Then PP announced they wanted OLTL, and the stories were reversed, put on hold, and the brakes applied. It led to a disappointing ending and continued storylines. Well, OK, because it will continue online, Right? Wrong. Then I turned to General Hospital because some of the characters would come to Port Charles. At first, it didn’t feel like they fit in, but hopefully it would answer unanswered questions. It was also sad they killed off Cole, but it looked later they would bring him back to life. It became fun hearing about some of the Llanview characters through Todd, Starr and John. Blair would visit occasionally, and they had a good storyline involving Tea. The Llanview characters finally got a good stronghold and merged into the General Hospital storyline well. It was all about Todd, his rival John, his daughter Starr and his past women Blair and Tea. Also opened up possibilities for other Llanview characters coming to visit who had a history with Todd. Marty, Victor, Vikki, Natalie, Jessica. Some who also had history with John. This would have eventually been the direction OLTL would have went anyway if it had survived on ABC. Once the LLanview characters hit it’s stride on GH, PP sued. No more storyline on GH. Oh well, they will be back on OLTL to finish storylines right? Not really. PP’s version of OLTL was terrible. Todd was back, but John and Starr were gone from both shows. Now i was more interested in unanswered questions from the GH storyline being answered on OLTL. OLTL did address them, but that was the only interesting part. Now we are hearing the reverse side of the story in Llanview of what is happening with John and Starr from Port Charles. Todd was not the same and no explanation of why noone seems suprised Victor is alive. Now PP scrapped OLTL online, ruined how ABC GH worked hard to integrate the characters on GH. Now my only hope is that GH will be able to rework these characters back to GH and reopen the storylines that PP screwed up and keep OLTL alive that way, which ended up the best outcome in the first place. A “Manning family branch” in GH.

  • Bruce Hillberry

    Loyal fans that supported the re-boot of these two Iconic soaps no not deserve to be kept in the dark about future plans.