Ilene Kristen Returns To Daytime via ‘General Hospital’


EXCLUSIVE: If you happened to be tuning into today’s episode of ABC’s “,” and stayed long enough for the end credits, you may have noticed a familiar face interacting with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Silas Clay (Michael Easton). “” and “Ryan’s Hope” fan favorite was seen serving coffee to the pair in what appears to be Kelly’s diner in the previews for the next episode of the drama series – airing Monday, October 28.

The question on the minds of fans now is just who might the Emmy nominated actress be playing on “GH”? She’s played such memorable roles as Delia Reid on “Hope” and Roxy Balsom on “OLTL”, but when she debuts on “GH” on Monday, who do you think she’ll be playing? Is she taking on a new role or will she be reprising one of those familiar characters?

You’ll just have to tune in to fine out!

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  • Spongebob9376

    She is playing Delia and that wasn’t Kelly’s it was Ryan’s Bar in NYC

  • Ruth

    you’re about 4 hours too late for the exclusive title… this news broke hours ago… and yes, that’s Ryan’s bar, in NYC… not Kelly’s!

  • Peggy

    She will be playing the mother of Ava and it’s not Kelly’s diner, it’s Ryan’s Bar from Ryan’s hope. Silas mentioned that Ava dragged him to that bar and Lucy mentioned it n connection to her relationship with Victor Jerome. So it’s a pretty good guess she’ll be Delia, long lost mistress of Victor Jerome.

    • Janice Newman-Bazurto

      I don’t ever remember Delia and a Victor Jerome, nor did she have a daughter. She had a son and his last name was Ryan, not Jerome nor was it Julian. When would all of this have happened? Off screen? Maura West (Ava) is 43. Ryan’s Hope has been off the air since 1989. The numbers don’t work even if Ava is supposed to be younger than 43.

      • Jeff

        You may have noticed that soaps generally play fast and loose with ages.

        • Janice Newman-Bazurto

          Yes, I have noticed (for ex….Erica became much younger when Kendall showed up), but if the show has been off for 23 years and Ava obviously is older than that and we never saw Delia pregnant again or have another child, I wonder how that will even make sense and yes, I know soaps don’t generally make sense!

          • CTwildheart

            It will make as much sense as Erica’s aborted fetus being implanted in another woman and carried to term, or Viki having twins and not knowing it, or Susan Moore having twins and we never knew it. We didn’t have to see Delia pregnant for this to work…

          • Janice Newman-Bazurto

            And how sad that after all these years, Delia is working at the bar!

          • kikiapr1

            She had Ava before she married Frank Ryan. It was off-screen prior to the beginning of the show.

          • Janice Newman-Bazurto

            I figured that out and then it was revealed today. And that now makes the math work!

  • CTwildheart

    LOVE IT!

  • Victoria

    I can NOT stand this woman. Her dramatic acting SUCKS and she reminds me of someone still dealing with the left over body jerks of a meth head. VOMIT!!!!!!

  • ger fox

    Hopefully bring Ilene Kristen over from OLTL, and having been such a hit and favorite to this day to soap opera fiends….when do we get to find out that we are getting back Ilene full time???? She’s great……