‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Reveals Ilene Kristen’s Renewed Role on ABC

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

As previously reported, is returning to daytime television courtesy of ABC’s “” – the actress debuts today. While ABC wouldn’t necessarily confirm which character Kristen would be playing – Delia Reid from “Ryan’s Hope” or even Roxy Balsom on “” – when pressed for comment by Soap Opera Network on Friday, “GH” head writer, , spilled the beans over the weekend via Twitter.

Carlivati tweeted, “Don’t miss @ilenekristen reprise her role as the one and only Delia Reid Ryan this Monday & Tuesday on @GeneralHospital! #GH #RyansHope.” He added to his tweet a short time ago when he said, “Today on @GeneralHospital, Delia Reid Ryan returns to ABC Daytime! #GH @ilenekristen” He linked to a cover from defunct magazine Afternoon TV, which had Kristen on the cover as her character from “Hope.”

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  • BrunetteOnTheCouch

    He can’t even get the character’s name right. It’s Delia Reid COLERIDGE. She and Roger finally got remarried the last week of Ryan’s Hope but course this HACK wouldn’t know that. Or he’ll try to write it never happened.

    Hey Ron! You’re such a ‘talented’ writer in your own mind – how about CREATING a character instead of STEALING them from past shows and revising the hell out of their characters and histories? We all know this just so you can ‘write’ Roxie and can’t because Prospect Park owns rights to the character.

    Please dear God let this idiot be fired. Stay away from my beloved soap characters you HACK!!!

    • Bexxx The Clown

      I hope he brings on more Ryan’s Hope characters and revises their characters just to upset you Brunetteonthecouch. GH ratings are better than they have been in a long time and they are not going anywhere Now go complain some more. Gets so old

      • BrunetteOnTheCouch

        Well at least your user name is corrrect. Clowns are all that makeup the raitngs now – beating 1 pt shares is really impressive RME – Hackilate can do what he wants.
        And when the show is CANCELLED I’ll be laughing and laughing knowing you’ll be a crying clown. Mindless dolts defending garbage gets even older. I watched GH when it was actually good – not the joke Ron and his buddy turned into so they could get into a pissing match over characters they NEVER owned from a show that was NEVER theirs. They ruined OLTL and Ron can NEVER ‘write’ Todd Manning again. Some kind of justice has prevailed.
        So go on with Rox- I mean ‘Delia’. Hack writing deserves a hack audience.

        • Suz

          Oh for the love of god, grow up! If GH has left you that freaking bitter then why are you stalking threads about it? Let it go. Move on and go away so the rest of us can enjoy the show in peace.

        • Brunettebbutshavedbelowonthe

          Don’t say he can never write Todd Manning again. Keep in mind if Prospect Park stops producing One Life To Live which it appears both OLTL and AMC may not be back then the rights go back to ABC and ABC then again owns the characers. Then Todd can return choke on that

    • CTwildheart

      I LOVE that he is bringing back (not stealing) an old favorite character. And so many other writers have revised character and story history, that is not limited to this writer.

  • Elizabeth_Erwin

    Could we please dispense with all the characters from dead soaps and JUST PUT ON THE ONES THAT BELONG ON GH….. WHERE IS LAURA SPENCER?

    • CTwildheart

      I am happy to have Delia back on my tv screen.

  • Jim Fung

    Good grief at hyperbolic complaints over a brief appearance. And I think it’s cool there is a Ryan’s Hope connection, though I didn’t watch it. I’m not petty and territorial. I also know how much I miss characters from soaps that are gone. What I wouldn’t give for just one more appearance by Donna Love or Reva Shayne, no matter how out of character. Ilene Kristen needs work to keep her benefits too, I read. So I’m sure someone out there is happy about this even if commenters here aren’t. Also, Ron Carlivati is a great writer who has re-energized GH and brought back the real GH of the 80s and 90s. Laura wasn’t ever going to be coming back at all before Valentini and Carlivati came on the show. Guza had long forgotten her.

  • shrona

    I don’t care who Ilene Kristen is playing. I’m thrilled to have this talented actress back on my TV in whatever role they put her in. It’s a wink to us older soap fans and I’m grateful. I’d love to see Ilene in Port Charles on a permanent basis!

  • CTwildheart

    Since we can’t have Roxy back (YET!) I am more than thrilled to see Delia. As soon as I heard Ryan’s Bar I as intrigued. Then saw the preview and I got teary while I was screaming YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
    Hope it is more than a brief appearance – but I’ll take what I can get and be happy about it! LOVE ILENE!

  • Diane Coviello Serra

    yes loved ryans hope and delia hope she gets a big story

  • Vikki

    Now they should bring Ron Hale back as Roger!