Drake Hogestyn Confirms ‘DAYS’ Return!

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

” actor (John Black) delivered a very happy Halloween treat to fans today: He tweeted confirmation that he is indeed returning to the NBC sudser!

“Happy All Hallow’s Eve!” he wrote. “The Treat?…I’m back in Salem!”

But the Trick? “I sold my house and have no place to live!” he shares. “Now that’s scary! Yikes!”

A rep for the show was unable to comment on Hogetyn’s return, but as we reported earlier this month, since the sudser tapes about four months ahead, fans can expect to see John onscreen some time in early 2014.

In the meantime, Soap Opera Network wishes the actor luck in finding a new place to hang his hat!

  • Linda Brett

    I am GIDDY with happiness that my ALL-TIME favorite actor, Drake Hogestyn is returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES! I stopped watching DAYS after his “last” scenes aired on July 18th, so looks like early next year DAYS goes BACK on my DVD schedule! He is a fabulous actor that was so missed, welcome back, Drake!

  • Ann

    DRAKE!!! You were soooooo MISSED! We can’t WAIT to see you back on our screens early next year, and that’s when my TV will be on for DAYS again. Good luck on finding the perfect house! Thanks for keeping us posted! We love you!

    • Linda Brett

      HAPPY DANCING! That is a fact, Ann! 2014 is going to ROCK thanks to Drake’s confirmation he is back on DAYS! ITA with you, once we get a DATE as to when Drake’s scenes will first air, that is when I’ll start watching DAYS again. I have no desire to watch it without him on my screen. I think Drake might be “tricking” us regarding being homeless, HAHA! I LOVE his Tweets!

  • Dee Wilson

    So excited that you are back! You have been missed! Can’t wait to start watching the show again. When you were benched, we all were benched. No Drake, No DOOL! Welcome back! Good luck on finding a new place. : – )

    • Linda Brett

      HAHA ditto Dee! My DVD recorder has been given a LONG break from recording DAYS but that is all about to change next year! I hope we get LOTS of John and Brady scenes, the Black Boys are the best father and son team on DTTV! I’M SO EXCITED! Can it be December NOW so we only have a month longer to wait to see this FABULOUS actor? Teehee!

  • kevingm


  • Pam

    Welcome back Drake! I can’t wait to start watching DAYS once again!!Drake has been sorely missed!!!!!!! Is it January yet?

  • Joyce G

    Welcome back, Drake! I’m SOOOO HAPPY YOU’RE BACK on Days!!!! Missed you SO MUCH! Best of luck finding a great new house!

  • Mary Hargett-Hiduk

    Prayers, hopes, belief in and for our man Drake did exactly what we wanted. HE IS COMING HOME TO SALEM and none to soon. Just praying writers give him a great s/l full of mystery, intrigue, danger and in time reconnecting with his one true love.

  • Cathy Eriksen


  • Taelyn

    Thank GOD !!! Days always has a HUGE Hole in it when Drake/John is gone. And Marlena is delegated to such Mundane scripts and bits in a story..Im hoping that when YOU return You Both are getting a great love story that reunites you both, and solidifies the LOVE you both share. And puts you in that coveted place of the Romantic Matriarch’s and symbols of love and hope to the Younger generation. All the while keeping that strong edge and fearlessness you both possess.