CBS Daytime Celebrates Across the Board Ratings Increase; ‘Y&R’ Wins Largest Audience Since February


Whoever said daytime was a dying industry clearly didn’t have a very reliable crystal ball: CBS Daytime ratings are skyrocketing across the board!

The network released information today regarding the week-to-week growth in viewers and women age 25-54, and it shows that all of its daytime shows notched increases. In fact, “” averaged 4.76 million viewers — its largest audience since February! Read beyond the jump to see the official release, which is based on Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Sunday, October 20. And congratulations, CBS!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

“The Young and the Restless” averaged 4.76 million viewers, its biggest since the week ending Feb. 10, 2013.  In key women demographics, it averaged 1.9/12 in women 25-54 and 1.3/09 in women 18-49. “Y&R” ranked as daytime’s #1 program in women 25-54 and women 18-49.

The rest of CBS’s daytime lineup also registered week-to-week growth.  “” was up +8% in viewers (3.65m from 3.38m), +15% in women 25-54 (1.5/09 from 1.3/08), +38% in women 18-49 (1.1/07 from 0.8/06) and +40% in women 18-34 (0.7/04 from 0.5/03).

” was up +3% in viewers (2.67m from 2.58m), +17% in women 18-49 (0.7/04 from 0.6/04) and +33% in women 18-34 (0.4/3 from 0.3/02) week-to-week.

“The Price Is Right” posted increases of +1% in viewers (4.56m from 4.53m), +8% in women 25-54 (1.3/08 from 1.2/08) and +13% in women 18-49 (0.9/06 from 0.8/06) from last week.  “Let’s Make A Deal 1” was up +13% in women 25-54 (0.9/06 from 0.8/06), +17% in women 18-49 (0.7/05 from 0.6/04) and +50% in women 18-34 (0.6/05 from 0.4/04).  “Let’s Make a Deal 2” was up +1% in viewers (3.26m from 3.23m), +11% in women 25-54 (1.0/07 from 0.9/06), +33% in women 18-49 (0.8/06 from 0.6/05) and +20% in women 18-34 (0.6/05 from 0.5/04).

  • SoapFansTogether

    “The Talk” was up… in women 18-49 (0.7/04 from 0.6/04)”

    Now, that is – after three years of desperate spins by CBS press releases – still so much worse than ATWT’s numbers in the same time slot and only about half the number that GH is drawing constantly (last season average)!

    The same is true for “Let’s make a deal” in comparison to the numbers Guiding Light was drawing about 1-2 years before getting cancelled.

    They finally have to face it: Advertisers aren’t going to pay for these bad numbers in the key demo much longer, as “cheap” as the programs may be to produce.

    These press releases are more proof of this lineup’s failure – and of the fact that they need to bring back our soaps – than of anything else.

    • mdbball02

      Agreed — The TALK is crap, and is only there to give CBS Exec’s wife (Ms. Chen) something to do …. I watch GH EVERYDAY and can miss the Talk! When will these idiots learn–SOAP VIEWERS ARE LOYAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harlee

    They CBS & Sony always sings the praises if it’s a good week, so why not last week to “strike up the gland” all hot and fired up when ratings sunk? Everyone knows the ratings would spike during “the killing of child is great entertainment saga” but it will change and drift back into negative numbers, watch. Fans are furious and social media is proving it…

  • mdbball02

    CBS/SONY: We only watched out of respect for Sopie (Delia), and the actors who we knew would turn in Emmy-worthy performances. This is NO WAY reflects our approval in any way of the direction Jill F Phelps is taking this show OR the killing of the child who had long roots in a CORE family tree! It is NOT Entertaining NOR an escape to have a child killed for a short-sighted bump in ratings! Clearly our 40 years of loyalty to this network is being taken for granted when you allow such a reckless choice to b e made regarding the fate of a CORE family memeber, a child no less. Whomever signed off on JFPs debacle should be fired, and take her with you! Ms. JFP has ruined more shows than anyone else in California! Why you hired her we will NEVER understand! From what you MUST be reading, she has created a hostile work envionment for the women on the show and she flirts inappropriately with every male cast member! A law suit is sure to come the longer she is there! Bring back Lee Bell, Maria Bell, and give Lauralee Bell her Dad’s chair! The Bells are the ONLY people who protect the integtiry of this show!