‘Y&R’ Announces New Headwriters; Material Begins Airing Week of October 21

Sony Pictures Television
Sony Pictures Television

Things are about to start looking a bit different in Genoa City, as “” has named its new headwriters: Current ‘Y&R’ scribe and daytime writer will share the position, along with ‘Y&R’ scribe , who’s been promoted to co-headwriter within the new, all female headwriting team.

“Shelly has been an important part of the ‘Y&R’ writing team since joining the show last year, and Jean brings with her a wealth of daytime writing experience. We are excited to have these two talented daytime veterans leading our writing team at ‘Y&R,’” says , Senior Executive Vice President, U.S. Programming at Sony Pictures Television.  “We are also thrilled to have Tracey take on a new role and we look forward to her creative input to the show.”

Before joining ‘Y&R’, Altman’s writing credits included “,” “,” and “,” the latter of which she won an Emmy for in 2008. Thomson’s credits include “GH” and “AMC.” Meanwhile, Passanante’s writing credits include “AW,” “, “As the World Turns,” “OLTL” and “GH.” She’s been nominated for four Writers Guild Awards and has won four times for her work on “AMC” ( in 2001 and 2002) and for her work on “ATWT” (in 2007 and 2009). She’s also been nominated for eight Emmy Awards, four of which she won for her work on “OLTL” (in 1994) and “ATWT” (in 2002, 2004 and 2005).

The three scribes are replacing former headwriter Josh Griffith, who reportedly left over creative differences with the show’s executive producer, . A rep for the show reports that the ladies’ material will begin airing the week of Monday, October 21. 

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  • SoapLover

    Oh no, Jean Passanante contributed heavily to sinking As The World Turns, although it was Mr. Kreizman (who had just killed Guiding Light as head writer and was – what a logic!! – therefore hired as ATWT co-head writer in summer 2009) who totally destroyed the show over the last year (just remember, as an example, how he destroyed the couple that had been generating the most buzz for years, Luke and Noah, driving hundreds of thousands of fans away).

    Do the people in charge actually WANT to kill these shows by hiring writers that have failed over and over again??

    • Jim Fung

      David Kreizman didn’t destroy ATWT. He made it a little more exciting and gave life to Luke’s character by bringing in Reid. I loved how rootable Henry and Barbara were too. Passanante was a disaster though with her “villain of the month” plot-driven writing. Don’t understand why Y&R hired her. At least she has a strong co-headwriter. She was fine at ATWT when she had strong co-headwriters like Chris Whitesell and David Kreizman.

      • Yearslong ATWT fan

        Now, that’s your personal opinion. Millions of Luke and Noah fans (and fans of Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann) that had been supporting ATWT for years and gave the show a huge boost in ratings when Luke and Noah started their relationship in fall 2007 and winter 2007-08 (when ATWT was ranking 3rd out of 8 soaps) certainly didn’t feel that way. Ratings went down and down when the soap killer Kreizman who had just destroyed the longest-running soap of all times, Guiding Light (where he’d been head writer since 2004), took over ATWT in summer 2009.

        And just have a look at hundreds of fan videos for Luke and Noah (Van and Jake) that have been made even after the show was cancelled. Hundreds of thousands of fans from all around the world are watching Luke’s AND NOAH’s story even now in 2013 via YouTube and, according to the overwhelming majority of the comments, they hate the incredible disrespect Kreizman & Co. showed to the first and only yearslong gay supercouple, to Van and especially Jake who had been developing their characters and their relationship with so much love and skill, and to their enthusiastic fans.

        Kreizmann only followed his personal agenda to pimp his best buddy (Dr. Housewannabe) and totally distorted Luke’s and Noah’s characters and their history. He also totally ridiculed the life-threatening condition Noah was in and where patients typically suffer from severe depression, often leading to suicide attempts. Kreizman, however, only used this plot to paint Noah as the “bad, annoying” guy while putting all those (NOT) “funny” lines into Dr. Superhero’s mouth. This person is really the worst thing that could happen to ANY soap, but Passanante did NOTHING to stop him!!

        • Jim Fung

          Of course it’s my personal opinion. Luke and Reid also had many fans though. From what I have seen, a lot more people were angry at Jean Passanante for killing Reid off than were angry that Reid was part of the show. And I watched ATWT for the whole show, not just for one couple. I’m not a “fanbase” viewer rooting for particular couples. I also liked Kreizman on GL — he was head writer there for five years and revitalized it with story for Billy, the Jammy pairing, the 70th anniversary episode, and Inside the Light. GL could have ended in 2004 when he took over and it ended in 2009. He is not a show killer.

          • luciano

            it’s well possible to root for a certain couple (the first gay supercouple ever, by the way, whose story had been evolving for years!!) AND to support the show as a whole. or more precisely, everyone who really supports a show cannot tolerate the terrible and disrespectful way how luke and (especially) noah were thrown under the bus after having done such a wonderful work TOGETHER for years only to hype a newbie who happened to be one of kreizman’s personal favorites. contrary to your individual perception, the ratings got worse and worse when kreizman’s doctor got all the airtime and nuke got almost none.

  • PatF

    Why we now have four women who know absolutely nothing about YR “in charge” is just beyond words.
    Kent is a complete and utter fool, and the way the press release is “spun” is shameful.