ONE LIFE ON HOLD: Erika Slezak Responds Prospect Park’s Decision To Halt Production of Soap

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

As previously reported, “” has become an apparent (albeit possibly temporarily) casualty of the lawsuit between and the ABC Television Network, which the latter canceled in April 2011 after opting to restructure its daytime lineup. , who has portrayed Victoria Lord on the drama series on both the ABC incarnation and the current Prospect Park/ version for more than 40 years, has released a statement on Prospect’s decision to halt production on the soap pending the resolution to its lawsuit against ABC.

On her official website, Slezak says, “When these issues are worked out between Prospect Park and ABC/Disney, we will resume, but unfortunately there is no timetable. I sincerely thank all of you for watching and supporting us and keep your fingers crossed for a speedy resolution.”

  • Bexx

    Neither show will survive another year, sorry but the ‘fans’ just aren’t willing to turn out for their so called favorite.

    • CTwildheart

      I did…and so did thousands of my fellow fans. Both shows were consistently in the Top Ten of Hulu’s most watched shows.

      • Mike

        I want to hear PP or Hulu to actually say how many fans actually did return though. Remember one article said they had to have 500,000 for the shows to continue. Did they ever get that many?

        • CTwildheart

          I don’t know specific numbers, because as far as I know Hulu doesn’t post them…but I thought they got that many. I would like to hear actual numbers also.

        • Cee Kay

          Clearly they did, as AMC is starting to shoot new eps in October. As for OLTL, they’ll be back. I really hate so-called “fans” like you who take every opportunity to be a downer and bash PP for all the work they’ve done despite ABC/D’s obvious efforts at sabotage. Nobody needs you watching our shows.

    • Lanell Dupuy


      • SoapFansTogethers

        “Bexx'” only task and function on this board and others is to push an aggressive anti-soaps agenda.

        Basically, he tells us in every thread how bad soaps are doing, that more soaps must get cancelled, will be cancelled and so on. I hope he is at least being paid well for his hyperactivity in the interest of the cheap talk, game and cooking shows lobby.

  • CTwildheart

    My fingers are crossed!

  • Lanell Dupuy


  • Mike

    What I find funny is that when ABC put all those actors and crew out of work they were the devil. Also ABC was the devil for the way they lied to the cast and crew and didn’t tell them they were being cancelled.

    Prospect Park has done nothing different. They didn’t even issue a press release themselves telling fans, the cast or the crew that they were shelving OLTL. They did it in a newspaper in an article not about the shelving at all and the other press picked up on it. The cast and crew found out that way. It was a little blip in that article as if oh by the way. It wasn’t even important enough for them to address fans or the cast and crew.

    Still PP has said nothing. The cast and crew don’t even know how long they will be without a pay check. Or when they will even be going back to work — even if they ever.

    This fan is here for his shows but I am not here for Prospect Park. PP doesn’t care about these shows or the fans. If they did they wouldn’t keep jerking us around like they do. Get your act together. I don’t blame fans for being mad.

    Wake up PP and Jeff Kreinmetz (sp?). It’s time you start telling all of us the truth. You are no better than ABC with it’s numerous lies over the years.

    • CTwildheart

      If it weren’t for PP these shows wouldn’t have been rebooted in the first place. You have to give them credit for at least trying when no one else did. I hope you practice what you preach and watch both shows again on Hulu and/or OWN to help the viewing numbers…THAT is what we, the fans, can do.

      • Mike

        I have watched every episode of the shows on OWN but only a few on Hulu. I am here for the shows but I am not here for PP. I do not buy into is PP worship that some fans do. They are a business that made a business decision. They wanted the money, but every thing they have done since launching the shows have not done anything to make me have confidence in them or the job they are doing. And for me this is the final straw — the straw that broke the camels back. They don’t care one thing about the cast, crew or the fans. They didn’t have the decency to give us or the cast and crew a press release. It was a little blip at the end of an article. And still days after they have still not released one thing official to address the fans. This fan is here for OLTL but I am not here for PP.

        I cannot say that if OLTL comes back I will watch though. I am tired of being jerked around by PP. And I am not going to get invested again just to be lied to by a company that clearly does not know what it is doing.

        Read Sara Bibel’s excellent article at Xfinity on this matter. It sums up exactly how I feel on this matter and all the questions I have.

      • Lucinda

        You’re so right. People like “Mike” are actually pushing an anti-soaps-agenda with their continuous PP bashing. They do obviously NOT want PP and our soaps to succeed and even have the nerves to defend ABC after their historic mistake to kill these shows in the first place and after treating millions of viewers like crap.

        Why doesn’t “Mike” and how these people call themselves put at least the same energy into exposing the lies and absurd spins of ABC (and CBS) when it comes to pushing forward their soap-killing agenda??

        • Mike

          Oh you poor little cry baby. Why don’t you go tell Mama to change your diaper and give you a bottle. Obviously you can’t deal with reality and the fact that other people have opinions that are not like yours. But obviously your mind has not gotten past three years old.

          Every body had better play the way I want or I’m going to take my ball and go back home.

          It’s folks like you that give soap opera fans a bad name. Keep it up you just keep showing that what folks say about is true.

          Now go and get your check from Prospect Park. Obviously you work for them. Remember it’s Prospect Park that is not showing your precious OLTL this time.

          Funny that AMC managed to get past the actors they couldn’t get — a whole lot more of them than OLTL had — but AMC did it and is successful.

          PP just proves how incompetent they are with OLTL when they can’t get past 3 actors — 2 that could have worked for them if they wanted to but chose not too — one of those too Kristen Alderson was never going to work for them anyway.

          What do they think that if they win this lawsuit and cause those actors to lose their contracts that they will work for them. No they won’t. No matter the outcome of this lawsuit they won’t ever work for them.

          It’s still going to be the same. If the lawsuit was the problem in the first place then OLTL would have never had a first season, but it did. But now all of a sudden they can’t do OLTL until the lawsuit is over. Just more of PP’s lies. They lie as easily as ABC did.

          • Harley C

            “It’s folks like you that give soap opera fans a bad name. Keep it up you just keep showing that what folks say about is true.”

            Could you elaborate your take on “soap opera fans” a bit more? So more people see through your fake “I have watched every episode…” comments?!

    • OnlyMy2Cents

      I am not placing any blame on PP. They are caught up in the mess with ABC and they’ve told us as much. I am not going to say they lied at all. They were upfront. they are working to get the shows back on the air, but they need to know we fans are with them, not blaming them. They brought them back in the first place at the request of and promises of all us fans who promised to watch, and watch we did. As far as I’m concerned, they kept their end of the bargain and are still keeping it. AMC will be back for Season 2, and I believe eventually, we will get Season 2 of OLTL when PP wins the lawsuit. Fans, don’t fail PP now. Call in, write, do what ever you have to do…including a boycott of the ABC Network. If you must watch ABC shows, don’t let them get the ratings…view their shows on hulu/hulu plus.

  • janewagon

    I have tried twice now to post my opinion about this situation on this feed but all I’ve gotten so far is a message that says my comment is being edited by moderators. Since neither one of my comments made it to this feed, I’m guessing the moderators didn’t like what I had to say or what I had to say was to close to the truth.

    • Mike

      They didn’t lose 3 actors though. Kristen Alderson never signed with OLTL the first time. She said then she was going to California to pursue other interests. So she wasn’t going to do OLTL in the first place. Roger Howarth returned for the whole first season. They only lost 1 actor who was signed with them before. He could have easily been recast. Many characters have been recast before.

      They had a whole lot more actors from the end of OLTL to return than AMC did. AMC had far less and a lot more to work around than OLTL ever did. And AMC made it work. They even got around Dixie still being engaged to Tad but Tad not there. And Brooke and Adam’s relationship with Adam only there part time.

      OLTL’s problem is that the writers didn’t even try to overcome the issues. AMC worked to overcome their issues and they did very well. Thus why they were the more popular show on Hulu, ITunes, and OWN.

    • onlymy2cents

      I totally agree with you jamewagon.

  • Peg Claydon

    I am here for oltl
    it will back
    I hope pp kicks abc ass
    I hope it will be back before 2014

  • Jo-Z

    I propose that we all boycott ABC and their affiliates until the case is settled and we can start watching our beloved soaps. Hasn’t ABC learned anything from their failed “KATIE” and the other program that was already cancelled. “Katie” is due for cancellation next year. This time we boycott all ABC programming>

    • onlymy2cents1

      Yes, Jo-Z, I totally agree with you on this issue.

  • Oh my!

    Dang, talk about a photo shopped picture — and I LOVE Erika Slezak.

  • Jen Smith

    I Love the new versions of both All My Children and One Life to Live. Prospect Park needs to realize that they have more viewers for each show than they realize. Alot of soap viewers are 55 & up and do not always have the online connections they need to view the shows on Hulu. My Mother for example is 71 years old & she would come to my house to watch them. She was so happy when OWN Network picked them up. Keep the shows going!! ABC’s mistake will be Prospect Park & OWN networks triumph!!

  • CoolLYA

    While I am happy that prospect park took a chance and started my soaps up again, in a way I kind of wish they had not. This has been a good thing, to a okay thing ,to a disaster. AMC and OLTL are great but to go from 4 episodes to 2, to a hiatus, and now OLTL not even coming back for season 2? Who ever heard of such? Since when do daytime soaps have seasons? I love the characters and will continue to watch if it is put out. but wow. AMC made it with no Erica Kane. Which I thought was impossible, OLTL has Viki and Clint and Dorian, what more do you want? who cares about Todd and Star, and Detective what’s his name? OLTL needs to recast if they think they are so important. surely there are people out there that look like these fools. Heck OLTL has recast Dorian in the it can be done! Todd was recast until the original came back. come on drop the stupid law suit and move on.

    • onlymy2cents1

      Me, I care about Todd and Starr and Detective John McBain. They are all part of OLTL. ABC isn’t for the fans anyway, they only listen to ratings. If we stop watching ABC maybe they will hear us. Watch your soaps on hulu instead of on ABC.

  • The Chelsea

    I am ever so grateful to Prospect Park for bringing these soaps back to life, but I do know it was a business decision. There was a demand, and that company fulfilled it. However, I feel a little like my soaps were dangled in front of me and then ripped away like a cruel game of Syke. If the issue is that they’ve been ordered by a court to shelf the shows until a resolution comes along, then TELL US THAT! Also, give us a light at the end of the tunnel. What? No earlier than 2014 but no later than Spring 2014? C’mon. Also, let us help you and support you. The more information the fans have, the more of an impact we can make in getting those shows back on the air. Lol tell us who to be mad at, who to support, lol.

  • debbieap

    I seen it comming cause prospect is so greedy , didn’t care for prospect version of Oltl and amc they made it so cheap looking n damn the dirty language too much young sex drugs n the oltl opening theme song sucked amc New song was 1 million Times BETTER I loved the old Mac n Oltl