EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: ‘Y&R’s’ Michael Muhney Previews Adam’s Shocking Baby News!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Anyone who’s been watching “” knows that the mother of all babydaddy storylines is about to play out between Chelsea McAvoy () and Adam Newman (), meaning that the cacophony of sweet “oohs” and “aahs” recently heard over baby Connor will quickly be turning into a frenzy of screaming arguments! Soap Opera Network sat down with Muhney to get his take on how his alter ego is going to react to the news that Chelsea’s baby is really his own, and the actor teases that the drama to come will make you cry like a — you guessed it — baby!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Today’s episode ended with Adam overhearing a conversation between Dylan McAvoy () and Billy Abbott () that makes him think maybe, just maybe, the baby that Chelsea has been claiming to be Dylan’s is actually his own. And it’s that tiny bit of info that sets a major avalanche into motion. “Adam’s ears perk up, and all of a sudden, his radar is highly tuned; he hears this, and there’s this ‘Oh my God, what now?’” the actor teases. “The next episode picks up with that same moment and the continuing conversation and what it is that Adam learns, which [prompts him] to take off. He leaves the boulevard in a hurry, a little off his center, so the question is, what’s going to happen next?”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it won’t be long before Adam finds out that Chelsea has been lying to everyone about the paternity of her baby — a fact that obviously isn’t going to sit well with the Newman heir! “How do you put it into words?” Muhney asks. “It’s going to be surprise and horror and shock and pride and resentment and anger and bitterness, and he’s been deceived and lied to, and precious moments are stolen from him. But some of it is karmic, because of what happened with Sharon and Faith years ago, and Adam being involved. So… it’s like a freaking tornado of emotion. It truly is a roller coaster in that there are highs and lows and strength and weakness in this. WWIII is beginning this fall, there is no doubt. It’s going to be pretty wild.”

But what will all of this mean for Adam and Chelsea? Will the fact that they share a baby eventually be able to pull the pair back together? Or will the fashionista’s lies create a long-lasting war we’ll see play out for generations to come? “I think we’re at that place that anything can happen, and I really believe that,” Muhney teases. “If the writers came down and sat in my room next week and said, ‘Here’s our idea over the next six years: You guys absolutely hate each other, loathe each other and won’t speak to each other, and all you’ll ever do is fight,’ I could see it happening. But they could come down and say, ‘Here’s what’s going to happen: You guys are going to get it out of your system, and you’re going to reunite and reconnect.’ I could see that happening, as well. I feel we’re at this wonderful moment… and the fun for me is reading the scripts as they come and seeing the story unfold.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Either way, the actor says there will be plenty of acrimony in the months to come. “There’s going to be a lot of battling: Necessary arguments and fights and chess games and power plays are going to have to be made from both sides,” he says, adding that fight scenes are some of his favorite to play with Egan. “You have a really strong actor in Missy, and one of my favorite things to do with her on stage with the cameras rolling is argue with her. She is one of the few professional actors in soaps that is willing to and wants to run lines over and over and over again and know them so well front and back that when you go out there, you can overlap lines. We can really talk about the timing of a scene and make it so realistic that you feel like you’re peeking in on someone’s argument. So we’ve got a lot of that coming up. There are a lot of fireworks that I imagine will be happening, and I get to really sink my teeth in as an actor in scenes with someone who is a really wonderful sparring partner.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

But don’t think that when Adam finds out the truth about the baby, the storyline will be over. In fact, Muhney says that’s not the case at all. “This story sort of leads down a rabbit hole that is going to get deeper and deeper and deeper,” he previews. “It’s a very intense, emotionally packed story that is not a two-week long or a four-week long or a 3-month long storyline. With Adam, you’re finding out that there are so many other stories to tell that continue falling over like Dominoes that keep the momentum of the show moving into the future. The things that are developing for him are getting me excited. I’m intrigued, and I also can say with 100 percent certainty that the audience too is going to be very, very invested in this fall and this winter and really find a favorite place in their heart for ‘Y&R.’”

  • Diane

    I, for one, cannot wait for this to unfold. Go Adam!

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    Adam does not deserve to be a father. He left Chelsea for Sharon and caused Ashley to loose her baby. Jill Farren Phelps should clean some stories up and send Adam to prison. Michael Muhney could play a new character and start over.

    • Antwon303

      No. He didn’t leave her for Sharon. He kissed Sharon. Chelsea find out an forgave him. Chelsea left Adam because she realized that the most important things to Adam are running Newman and getting Victor’s love, respect and approval. She realized she came third when a wife should come first and so she ended their marriage.

      • Serine

        Him going to work shouldn’t have ended their marriage. There are plenty of happy housewives out there, with working husbands. She could have gone to work too. But I guess Jimmy’s wasn’t hiring a barmaid.

        • Antwon303

          Not sure what show you were watching but the marriage fell apart for these reasons: 1. He put N.E. and gaining Victor’s approval first 2. Adam changing his mind about going to Paris.

          He promised Chelsea that they could leave after Victor once again disappointed him and to get away from Sharon. Chelsea wanted to go somewhere and start over and get her business off the ground. Adam agreed to the move and then delayed the trip. She realized as his wife…she would never come first and she asked for a divorce. Their scenes are on youtube if you need to have your memory refreshed. It had nothing to do with Adam going to work LOL.

    • lulu

      When this last baby scheme proved that Chelsea is just as much if worse cruel as/than Adam ! And actually Adam never did something so awful to Chelsea, to some other characters yep to Chelsea hell to the NO ! I hope Adam this time will get major revenge on someone who deserve it : Chelsea ! Go Adam !

    • Serine

      No he didn’t leave Chelsea for Sharon. Chelsea dumped Adam because he wouldn’t give her his undivided attention, after he started working. Sharon and Adam haven’t been together much since the split of Chelsea and Adam. If anyone doesn’t deserve to be a parent, it’s Chelsea. She gave up one kid, and lied to two men about the paternity of the baby. She should have that kid taken away.

  • betty stanley

    I love Adam Newman. He is my favorite character on Y&R. Michael Muhney is such a good actor he can take you from a smile to a tear in a heartbeat. Such emotion every time. I love him with Melisa Egan. I also love him in all his scenes. Sharon, Jack, and especially Victor. He is great. Love this story also. He does deserve to be a father. This is his first born and a son. He will be a better father than Victor has ever been to any of his kids. Victor is the worse father I have ever seen as a TV character. Much worse than J. R. Ewing ever dared to be.
    Cannot wait til Monday. Such a good ending. hate we have to wait til Monday because of Tennis. Little Peanut is soooo cute just like his Daddy Adam Newman. Adam is soooo cute also..
    Love them both.

    • lulu

      Someone like Stefano Dimera is worse..And to be honest lot’s of other ‘patriach’ had been worse fathers than Victor although yep Victor can be a big ass to his children.. No doubt about it..the children on the other hand are not saint either..it is almost 60/40 in Victor Newman’s case ..lol

  • Jack’s Mom

    I truly love Adam. I think Michael is beyond brilliant in his portrayal of this character. There are so many dimensions to his work. I find myself holding my breath during his scenes. He is so powerful and I know it will just get better.

    • rubi

      Omg….I thought it was just me. Some
      of his scenes are truly breathtaking

  • Roz

    Mr. Muhney, you are one heck of a powerhouse performer. Keep it a’coming, young man. You’ve got the goods to rise to the top.

  • janet ss

    I so enjoy watching Michael on Y&R. One of my biggest regrets was seeing Michael in a little BBQ restaurant in Texas on July 3, 2012 and NOT going over to talk to him because I wanted to respect his privacy of a vacation on his down time. Talking to the ladies in the furniture store next door, I found out that he was so willing to talk about his role on the show. Sooooo wished I had gone over to talk to him. He is such a terrific actor.

  • sharon

    That beautiful baby of Adam and Chelsea looks just like Adam!! I know he and wife had a new baby son months ago……would love to know if the baby is theirs!!

  • carrie lynn

    yeah..it was all good..then we lost MOST of the good people. Only a few left but As for all the firings and departures of so many..The show is just not good like it used to be..Jack and a select few are the ones I miss from no longer WATCHING due to JFP’s actions.