The OnLine Network

As previously reported, ’s The OnLine Network will be presenting the season one finale of “” on Monday, August 19 with the release of episodes 54 and 55 on , , and Canada.

Per , the season comes to a close when Clint decides to make his presence felt at the Man of the Year Gala, Tea becomes enraged when she finds out who Dani’s date really is, Nikki tells Natalie the truth about her and Cutter and Jack skips out on the party for some fun of his own. Meanwhile, Paramedics are called as the Man of the Year Gala goes awry, Natalie is horrified by what she finds at the hospital, Blair opens up to Jack, who is hiding a secret of his own, Tea confronts Dani and Arturo about their relationship and much, much more.

  • Angela Marconi Maxfield

    so, is OLTL coming back??? AND when???

  • Philip

    Good to see you guys reporting again. I thought the site had been cancelled after the ratings took so long to be posted and no reports at all for so long.

  • Laura

    I’d like to know if OLTL & AMC are coming back & when also, why a
    season finale; daytime soaps which to me they still are don’t have
    season finales?

  • Bex

    Doubt either show will survive another year.

  • righton

    Umm…why so negative? It has been confirmed that both shows are gearing up for production again…It is just a matter of “when” the new episodes will start airing. This is a whole new venture/format of storytelling. Give Prospect Park a chance to figure out what works!

    • SoapFansTogether

      In case you hadn’t noticed, “Bex” and “Philip” and how they call themselves are on all boards to push their anti-soaps and pro-cheap-talk-cooking-and-game shows agenda. No wonder these people are getting crazy and paranoid when there is a report about The Online Network.

      The re-start of AMC and OLTL is a huge success, especially taking into account that it was realized by a start-up company and without any participation of any network.

      If I were one of those crappy replacement shows lobbyists, I’d be running crazy, too, considering the huge upward trend of all the remaining soaps and a successful re-start of AMC and OLTL. ABC can now only dream of the ratings AMC and OLTL got them till the end.

      Soap fans have to stand together to fight back against the distortions and absurd spins the cheap shows lobby is trying to spread anywhere they can. It’s very obviously a concerted effort. Don’t ever fall for their lies and manipulations!

      We want our soaps back – all of them!!

  • Alex

    Congratulations to Prospect Park, the producers and actors!!!

    All of you have faced incredible challenges, especially the fight against ABC acting like a defiant little child…

    You are living proof that soaps are the future of daytime, because they have the most enthusiastic and emotionally attached viewers! One day soon, AMC and OLTL will be on TV again AND on top positions at Hulu.

    That’s the future of daytime – across all technical devices, and soaps are proving that they are the daytime genre most ready and suitable for that!!

  • grandma

    Sad Sad day we were all let down by Prospect Park on line network loved the return but now taken off just few months thought very highly of them took a chance only to let us down No Guts No Glory shame on you!