RUMOR RUMOR: ‘Y&R’ Head Writer Out?


Just as the fall season gets ready to kick into high gear next month comes word that “” may have lost its head writer as a result of creative differences with the shows executive producer, . , who took the reigns from one year ago, has reportedly given notice to Sony Pictures Television and Bell Dramatic Television of his decision to leave.

Griffith’s possible exit couldn’t have come at a worse time for the soap as several of its stars recently told Soap Opera Network of their happiness with the material they’ve been given leading into the fall and that the storyline involving the death of Katherine Chancellor (), which begins airing today, lends itself to plenty of tales for “every.single.character” in the months to come.

Representatives for CBS and the show have not commented at press time on this developing story.

  • Bex

    Meh. I’ve enjoyed some of the material Josh has written for Y&Rm but I’m not completely disappointed over this news. I hope JFP has her papers in order, while some changes can be good, too many too soon can have adverse effects. I hope CBS is paying attention.

  • Mark

    Looks like CBS is going to let JFP ruin Y&R, not surprised

    • Guest

      GH wishes that it was as good as Y&R is….

  • Markus

    Looks like JFP is going to be allowed to ruin Y&R like she did GH. Way to go CBS

    • Guest

      I wish JFP as well as Guza were still in charge over at GH!! IT is unwatchable now – cheesy, and cartoonish. All the vets wasted and 99% of the storyline suck!

      • BM

        STFU!!! if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it!! Quit your complaining!!!

  • alistaircrane

    GOOD! I will never forgive him for firing Nina and putting Cricket back with Paul instead of Danny. Good riddance!!!

    • Bex

      Blaming a writer for casting disputes. Odd. There is an EP for a reason.

      • alistaircrane

        The writer writes the stories and decides which characters/couples he will write about.

      • Guest

        Casting Director is responsible for that!

  • SoapFansTogether

    Y&R is in a huge upward trend (like all the four network soaps that should soon become more numerous again) and they kick the head writer out? They are either totally nuts or some people (especially within CBS) have an agenda to ruin soaps so they can continue with their cheap talk and game shows that are looking worse and worse ratings-wise in comparison to the soaps!

  • Fox

    JG inherited a mess, but after the initial clean-up, his stories have been pretty anemic and commonplace. Not much has been must-see TV and the mind starts to wander while watching … always looking at the clock with tedium and boredom setting-in. It would probably help if there was someone from the Bell days on hand (Sussman, Smith, Alden, etc.) even if only as a consultant. Right now, I’d be more optimistic if the change coming were in the EP ranks.

    • Bex

      I think this will be the final curtain for Jill, if things don’t pick up following her selection of a new writer she’ll likely will be seeking new employment come next year.

  • mikey970

    the story lines are unwatchable and the recasts have been awful…too many whining young people…get rid of JFP as executive producer …she is doing the same messy job she did with General Hospital…CBS wake up and bring back some of the old “Bell writers” ,before it is too late

    • Guest

      GH is getting worse by the minute! sad..

  • PatF

    Phelps needs to GO! Now!
    She’s the one who will do continued damage to the show.
    At least Josh knows the history of the show!