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Erin Chambers Ends ‘Y&R’ Run

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Soap Opera Network has learned that today marked the end of ‘ stint as Melanie Daniels on CBS’ “.” At the end of today’s episode, the character decided to drop the sexual assault charges against Adam Newman () after speaking with Chelsea (), who made it clear to Melanie that there was no way Adam could have assaulted her.

Chambers joined “Y&R” in early June.

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  • Jesthejester ;-)

    What a waste of time that whole character and s/l was. Good grief. Can we slash off some other useless characters as well- Y&R has so many…..

  • DeeDee DaCosta Baysinger

    So glad to see her go, she was a useless character and wasted so much good time that could have been given to a veteran character.

  • Harlee

    Thank you sweet Jesus! She was a useless character and Nikki could had a story brewing now…I’m glad Josh is gone to be honest….now JFP isn’t YR material. YR is mess once again….sigh

    • PatF

      Harlee- yes Josh is gone…but now we have two HW…both from GH. Which is worse?
      At this point I’d take MAB back writing. I don’t want GH writers turning the show into some plot driven mess again.

      • Harlee

        P~`~ Sorry, but I can’t do MAB either….why by bringing back someone connected in history with the show & from Bill’s team such a “dirty proposition?” I just don’t get it, leaves me angry, sad, frustrated wrapped together….I want it fixed by people in charge KNOW the history of show and how it should be paced, stories in YR style, and the look…If not why not some of CBS’s longstanding writers from the past shows that worked years, decades on CBS’s soaps that at least has knowledge of what makes & differ CBS from ABC…I could be at least giving….sigh…it’s hard to watch again

  • RedRiver38

    Good riddance. What a crap storyline.

  • Bexx

    Too bad she and Adam had chemistry.

    • lulu

      ugh NO they did not. And to say i enjoyed her on Veronica Mars (she had a small part on the first season and her character Amelia DeLongPree did end up DEAD ! lol) but thankfully she did not have any scene with Muhney who was so much fun as snarky, cocky, dumb Sheriff Lamb, they don’t have any chemistry on Y&R and MM had great chemistry with his VM costars and most of his Y&R costars just NOT with Erin !