Soap Stars Receive Emmy Nods

Getty Images North America
Getty Images North America

They say fast-paced soap operas are good training grounds for primetime gigs, and that must be the case, considering several former soap stars have garnered Primetime Emmy nods this year! In light of the official announcement of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Award nominees, Soap Opera Network brings you the who, what and where of stars who’ve given sudsers a go.

Even though daytime serials are typically known as being quite dramatic, the shows pump out lots of comedic talent, too. Just look at Alec Baldwin (ex-Billy Aldrich, “;” ex-Joshua Rush, “”), who’s been nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy for “,” along with his co-star (ex-Tonya, “”), who’s been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for the same show. Or look at “’s” (ex-Lenny, “Another World”) who’s nominated for Outstanding Supporter Actor in a Comedy.

Both (ex-Linda Warner, “”) and (ex-Wilma Bern, “,” ex-Mrs. DeGroot,””) have been nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy, for “” and “30 Rock” respectively. And of course, we can’t forget about “’s” (ex-Ann Douglas), who’s been nominated as an Outstanding Reality Show Host for her work on “.”

Meanwhile, several former soap stars have stayed true to their dramatic pasts with equally dramatic current roles. (ex-Dean Stella, “One Life to Live”) has been nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama for his work on “,” while (ex-Kelly Perkins, “”) has been nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Drama for her work on Netflix’s “.” (ex-Jewel Maniscalo, “AMC”) received the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama nod for her work on “,” while (ex-Harry the Bookie, “All My Children”) got an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama nom for his stint on “.”

Congratulations, former daytime stars!

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  • Philip

    Jane Krakowski was better known to most soap fans as TR on Search For Tomorrow where I think she was also Emmy nominated.

    I don’t remember that character for Bryan Cranston on OLTL either, but I do remember his wonderful role on Loving as Doug Donovan. Loved him on there.