RATINGS: ‘The Talk’ Delivers Second Largest Weekly Audience in 3-Year History

Cliff Lipson/CBS
Cliff Lipson/CBS

According to Nielsen Media Research data released today, CBS’ “” has delivered its second-biggest weekly audience in the show’s history. “Talk,” hosted by , , , and , averaged 2.54 million viewers* for the week ending July 12. The show averaged a 1.1/6 in Women 25-54 rating and a 0.7/4 in Women 18-49 rating.

Compared to the same week last year, “The Talk” was up +22% in women 25-54, +17% in women 18-49 and +23% in viewers.

*Ratings based on live plus same day

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  • Philip

    Good grief what happened. I was told in the soap ratings thread earlier this week that everyone was on vacation and no one had time to watch TV this summer. Also someone said that all the talk shows and replacement shows were crashing and burning.

  • DeeDee DaCosta Baysinger

    “The Talk” is by far a much better talk show then “The View”!!!!!

    • Philip

      I totally agree. Haven’t watched The View in years, but enjoy The Talk not everyday but as a nice hour of fun from time to time. Glad to see it doing well.

  • Angela Margot

    0.7 in women 18-49 rating !!

    GH had a 0.8 in women 18-49 rating even last week (with considerably better numbers in previous weeks and a season AVERAGE of 1.2 !!) , which according to some anti-soaps lobbyists on this board was the worst thing that could ever happen and makes GH due for cancellation (“next step”).

    The 0.7 in women 18-49 rating of “The Talk” is also much worse than what ATWT delivered AS AN AVERAGE in the same time slot even in its weakest (last) season when everybody already knew that the show had been cancelled.

    And 2.5 million being the “second largest audience” in 3 years!!

    That’s ridiculous and a shame for a network like CBS.

    The second largest audience of ATWT in (its last) 3 years in the same time slot was well above 3.5 million viewers and around 1.5 in women 18-49!!

    But the “we throw the cheapest possible programs at the viewers” anti-soaps lobby even spins these terrible ratings into a “success”.

    Thank you so much @SON for putting these press releases on, because they really help to expose the people who keep destroying daytime TV.

    • adam

      By the way, the ratings cited in the press release are live plus same day ratings, whereas until December 2009, the ratings of As The World Turns you mentioned were only LIVE ratings.

      That makes “The Talk’s second largest rating in 3 years” look even worse in comparison, considering that there is a huge amount of people taping their favorite soaps.

      • Bored GH Fan

        From the Soap Opera Network ratings archive, all the way back to January 9-13, 2006 a press release says that Nielsen began using Live plus 1 for reporting on 12/26/2005. And a combination of Live plus 1 and Live plus 7 for season to date ratings at that time too.

        So the 2009 date is wrong.